#895 Bubble Baths (contributed by Bekah)


Contributed By Bekah

Bubble Baths

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My kids love bubble baths. Especially my youngest one.

He did used to be afraid of the bubbles. I’d run this bath and put bubbles in it and then plop him down right in the middle of them. And then he would scream and smack at the bubbles. Now, he loves them. He’ll put them all over his toys and rub his face in them too.

Artist: David Castillo Dominici | Source: freedigitalphotos.net

Artist: David Castillo Dominici | Source: freedigitalphotos.net

Bubble baths are a great way to have fun and to relax. If you haven’t had a bubble bath in a while, I highly recommend taking one because bubble baths are awesome!

Contributed By Bekah


#937 Buying your first house


For the past few years, my husband and I have been trying to get a house, but one thing after another have prevented us from doing so. First, my credit was so bad no one would even consider it. Then, hubby got laid off and we couldn’t afford it. Next, the bank we were using was not helpful at all. After we switched banks and hubby got another job things got better. We got pre-approved for a loan and we tried for over a year to get a house.

First, the house we were wanting went into foreclosure before we could get our offer in. Then, at the auction, the lawyer ran the price up way too high for us. We waited for the house to hit the market again and when it did, we jumped on it. Unfortunately other people did too and they outbid us.

The next house was bought from right under us. The realtor we used didn’t tell us that there was already a contract on the house when we went to look at it. It was a nice house too. We didn’t use that realtor again.

The next house we tried to get wasn’t really what we wanted, but we were getting desperate. There’s four of us cramped in such a tiny apartment, we need more room. So, we put our bid in for this house, but the people selling it wouldn’t budge a bit and we weren’t willing to go as high as they were wanting us to go. That house is still listed, it hasn’t sold yet.

After dragging our realtor to dozens of houses, nothing seemed to fit. Then a friend of hubby’s mom called us up and told us about a house that wasn’t listed for sale, but is being sold. We went and looked at the outside of it and fell in love. It has a huge front yard, plenty of space on the inside, 2 bathrooms, a big basement and a 2 car garage. For the last 4 months, we have been going back and forth with this guy that’s selling it. On Father’s Day, he sent us a text accepting our offer!! It’s still not official quite yet. We still have to get the loan and he still has to finish cleaning the house out. I couldn’t be more excited!

Now comes the days when I can finally plant flowers, let the kids out to play in the grass, everyone gets their own bedroom and there isn’t a line to the bathroom!! Just look at this yard!!

Being able to have a place to call your own and doing it all by yourself just makes you feel


front yard

#964 Embarassing baby pictures


 Everyone’s got at least one baby picture that is a little embarrassing. Are you wearing your mother’s high heels and pearls or have make up smeared all over your face? Maybe yours is the naked baby bathtub photo that makes you blush just a little if friends see it. Or were you the kid in the pictures sitting in a mud puddle with worms hanging out of your mouth?

I love looking at pictures of who I was before I knew who I was.

My favorite one of me is I’m sitting on my potty chair, with bed-head hair, black eye shadow going all the way around my eyes, bright red lipstick around my lips and a pull up around my ankles. I’m wearing my brother’s red Bart Simpson shirt with two balloons stuff down inside and a huge smile on my face. I looked like a raccoon clown. What ever provoked my mother to take this picture is beyond me, but it sure makes a great embarrassing baby picture.

Cute baby pictures are also great. We are all very familiar with the adorable bed-head baby that makes its regular appearances 1000 Awesome Things. Looking at baby pictures and saying, “AW!” is what baby pictures are all about.

I love to take pictures of my kids sleeping. That’s when they are most angelic. Eyes softly shut, mouth wide open and in a very interesting position. On their stomach with their behind high in the air or laying on their back, arms behind their head and legs folded.

Pictures of messy kids, sleeping babies, playing children are all so very



zach eat toeszachinbath


#981 Cardboard boxes


A cardboard box could be just a box, but with a little thinking, it can be anything. It all depends on the size of the box and the size of your imagination.

A refrigerator box- This is the mother of all boxes. Cut a few holes here and there and you have a house or draw some buttons and levers on the inside and now you’re in a spaceship.

 An old tv box- Not one of those flat screen tv’s, this box had to be a bit square to be a racecar or a boat. Draw on some tires on the outside and a steering wheel on the inside and you’re a NASCAR driver.

A table box- Crawl in on your belly and you’re deep inside a cave.

A shoe box- Not as much fun, but can be used to glue things into to make some kind of scene. Find a couple of toy dinosaurs and you’ve got yourself a scene from Jurassic Park. Or put one on each foot and you’ve got yourself…some shoe boxes. Stack some up together to make a fort or a castle.

Even a cereal box could be a mask. Just cut out some eye holes and slip it over your head.

Big boxes, little boxes, square boxes, toy boxes-they are all fun boxes and they are all