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#891 Blowing Bubbles with a Straw

Have you ever blown bubbles in your cup of milk so much that it bubbles over the side as a kid?

How about sitting at a fancy restaurant with a group of friends and blown bubbles into your cup of tea and end up getting weird stares from them?

I have. Its so much fun. Just today, I was blowing bubbles in my cup of water while I was on the elevator. There’s no shame in bubbles.

At day care when my daughter was younger, they gave her a cup of bubble solution and a straw so she could blow real bubbles in a cup.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying acting like a kid again and what better way to do that then blowing bubbles in your drink?


File:I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (sheet music cover).jpeg

Photo from here.


#895 Bubble Baths (contributed by Bekah)


Contributed By Bekah

Bubble Baths

Source: thebeehiveblog.net

My kids love bubble baths. Especially my youngest one.

He did used to be afraid of the bubbles. I’d run this bath and put bubbles in it and then plop him down right in the middle of them. And then he would scream and smack at the bubbles. Now, he loves them. He’ll put them all over his toys and rub his face in them too.

Artist: David Castillo Dominici | Source: freedigitalphotos.net

Artist: David Castillo Dominici | Source: freedigitalphotos.net

Bubble baths are a great way to have fun and to relax. If you haven’t had a bubble bath in a while, I highly recommend taking one because bubble baths are awesome!

Contributed By Bekah

#907 Trading Lunches in School

You spend your entire morning learning math and your stomach starts to rumble. Your teacher finally announces that it’s time to line up for lunch. Anxiously you grab that brown paper bag your mom packed for you earlier that morning. Not knowing what’s in it you wonder if it’s candy and popcorn…

"Please be yummy, please, please, please!"

“I wonder if there’s something yummy in here…?”

Finally, you get to the cafeteria and open your bag. Slowly your smile begins to slip away when you notice that Mom packed carrots and celery with a plain cheese sandwich on that bread you don’t like.



Digging down further you find an applesauce cup and think that this could be your ticket to a better lunch. Surveying the kids around you and what they are pulling out of their bags, you spot apples and oranges. Your best friend sitting beside you pulls out a jello cup and you want it. Your eyes are locked on it. All you can think about is that jello. You exchange glances with your friend and you notice that disgusted look on his face. He doesn’t like green jello. Picking up your applesauce you hold it out for your friend and he hands you that jello. Victory!!



Upgrades from your lunch to other people’s lunch all depends on what you have, what they have and how desperate other people are to trade for something they think is better. Of course no kid really wants those carrots in a baggy or even some questionable cheese. But there is always at least one kid that loves cheese who is stuck with that jello flavor that is your favorite.

Negotiating is a fine art that you learn in the lunch room. Once you get the hang of it, swapping lunches is thrifty, efficient and…

Here, have this! I don't want it...

You waaaant some?


#908 Flowers From Kids

You see the child’s hands behind their back and you wonder what in the world they could be up to…


by ~perfectshots (Deviant Art)

The 3 year old hands you a big handful of flowers, weeds, and grass that they pulled up from the backyard with a huge goofy smile on their face.

“These are for you.” they say as they let go and the flowers droop in your hand. Dandelions, daisies, violets, buttercups, some 3 leaf clovers and pieces of grass are all thrown in the mix. You give them a big smile and tell them, “Thank you!

by ~MultiCurious (Deviant Art)

These are beautiful. Let’s go put them in water.” Heading inside to get a small vase or even a cup full of water, they look so proud that they got you such a great gift.

by *Sealyanphoenix

by ~Nevi (Deviant Art)

Even though the stems are too short, most of the petals are missing, all the flowers are broken or drooping and the leaves are ripped, you do honestly love it, you know it is AWESOME!

by *BeautifulDragon322

#911 Country Pride

I don’t know about you, but I love the country I live in. Yeah, I’d like to visit other countries, but this is home. This is where I was raised and where I will raise my kids. I love the mountains, the flat lands, the beaches, the attractions, the people, and most importantly the feel.

American flag

I just love to look up and see my country’s flag flying high and proud. Its something I’ve enjoyed since I was a little kid.

I shake the hands of those I see out that are a part of my country’s army. I thank the police and the fireman. They are the ones protecting my country and keeping my family safe.

Country pride means being proud of your own country or proud of yourself for being from your country. It means being proud and happy of being a citizen of that country. It can also take on the form of defending your country in times of need and standing by the country even in difficult times.

We all have National Anthems and Pledges. Know your roots and be proud of who you are. Being different is what makes the world go ’round.

If you love where you live, where you come from, stand up and salute your flag because loving your country is AWESOME

#932 A community coming together

Disaster can bring out the best or the worst in people. Thankfully these past few days have been full of neighbors helping neighbors.

We had a big storm roll through my area and it knocked out a lot of electricity in my region for about a week. That meant no AC in over 100 degree weather, food spoiling in the refrigerator, people going without a lot of things and so much more. Even people that are on oxygen machines were without.

The first day was rough. Everyone was panicking. The grocery stores and gas stations that had power were packed with people trying to buy things. The grocery stores ran out of food, ice and bottled water very quickly. A couple of gas stations even ran out of gas. Hundreds of places ended up throwing quite a lot of food away because it went bad; there was no way to keep it cold.

Then, the donations started pouring in. People with power opened their homes to those in need. Everyone was donating packages of bottled water for people that didn’t have any. Stores were giving out free bags of ice when they had some. One store around here isn’t set to open for another week, but they got a special permit so they could sell ice and generators.

Driving down the road, you could see groups of people moving a tree out of the way from a neighbor’s yard. Everyone seemed nicer, more courteous.

There is still quite a few without power and the weather is still blistering hot. Its nice to know that we can come together and survive. I’m always seeing on the news where a community has come together to help others after a tornado, a flood or even just a neighbor in hardship, but seeing it with my own eyes and being a part of it was


Photos from herehere and here.

#937 Buying your first house


For the past few years, my husband and I have been trying to get a house, but one thing after another have prevented us from doing so. First, my credit was so bad no one would even consider it. Then, hubby got laid off and we couldn’t afford it. Next, the bank we were using was not helpful at all. After we switched banks and hubby got another job things got better. We got pre-approved for a loan and we tried for over a year to get a house.

First, the house we were wanting went into foreclosure before we could get our offer in. Then, at the auction, the lawyer ran the price up way too high for us. We waited for the house to hit the market again and when it did, we jumped on it. Unfortunately other people did too and they outbid us.

The next house was bought from right under us. The realtor we used didn’t tell us that there was already a contract on the house when we went to look at it. It was a nice house too. We didn’t use that realtor again.

The next house we tried to get wasn’t really what we wanted, but we were getting desperate. There’s four of us cramped in such a tiny apartment, we need more room. So, we put our bid in for this house, but the people selling it wouldn’t budge a bit and we weren’t willing to go as high as they were wanting us to go. That house is still listed, it hasn’t sold yet.

After dragging our realtor to dozens of houses, nothing seemed to fit. Then a friend of hubby’s mom called us up and told us about a house that wasn’t listed for sale, but is being sold. We went and looked at the outside of it and fell in love. It has a huge front yard, plenty of space on the inside, 2 bathrooms, a big basement and a 2 car garage. For the last 4 months, we have been going back and forth with this guy that’s selling it. On Father’s Day, he sent us a text accepting our offer!! It’s still not official quite yet. We still have to get the loan and he still has to finish cleaning the house out. I couldn’t be more excited!

Now comes the days when I can finally plant flowers, let the kids out to play in the grass, everyone gets their own bedroom and there isn’t a line to the bathroom!! Just look at this yard!!

Being able to have a place to call your own and doing it all by yourself just makes you feel


front yard