1000 Awesome Things!

Some have been there for the entire journey since broccoflower, others have joined along the way, but all of us have learned so much from Neil Pasricha’s Awesome Movement. In fact, the world has changed for the better, and now that the Awesome Thing #1 has been unveiled, Neil’s task has come to an end, and ours is just beginning.

As I stood in the Chapters at John St and Richmond in Toronto on theΒ last night, hearing Neil talk about what Awesome has meant in his life and his presentation of the last Awesome Thing, I knew that this was just the beginning. As he said himself, leaving #1 blank meant that it was up to us to keeping finding awesome things like the cold side of the pillow, bakery air, getting to the intersection just as the light turns green, etc. To find the free, happy joys of life… and enjoy the awesomeness that surrounds us.

I hope this site can be a place where fans and friends of 1000 Awesome Things can give shape, form and expression to their own awesome things in their life.

The journey is just beginning, the baton of awesome is in our hands! Let’s run with it…!

As the idea comes together, we hope to have 30 posters step forward to post one awesome thing each month, May 1, 2012. So far we have the following:

  • 3: Nicholas
  • 4: cobaltcrepes
  • 5: Lise
  • 6: Srinidhi
  • 8: Guest Post
  • 9: Lizzie
  • 12: Becca
  • 13: Bekah
  • 14: JustBecause
  • 15: Guest Post
  • 17: MagicFishy
  • 18: Julia
  • 21: Kathy
  • 22: Sasha
  • 23: Guest Post
  • 25: Wendy
  • 26: Emmy
  • 27: Olivia
  • 31: Guest Post

If you want to contribute to awesome, add your date in the comments below. I have left a few Guest Post slots every month so others can contribute, even if they are not regular contributors.

Since we are now a community of Awesome contributors, we need to lay some groundrules, the fewer the better. Based on Neil’s general criteria for awesome things and some ideas by other posters, our criteria for new awesome things:

  • free
  • enjoyable by anyone anywhere
  • kid-friendly
  • not a near repeat of what was already posted at the original 1000 Awesome Things blog
  • can vary in length from a title and a photo to a few hundred words
  • links within the story to other 1000 Awesome Things greatly encouraged (links to other blogs within reason, no shameless plugs please!)
  • and of course, always ends with AWESOME!

Anything else to add? Put it in the comments!

Let’s keep Awesome going and growing πŸ™‚

84 thoughts on “About

        • Good questions.
          I’m trying to make a Submit page like the one on the 1000 Awesome Things blog, that would probably be the easiest way to submit it. If you know how, let me know.
          The earlier the better, obviously, but probably five days in advance would be the minimum. That would leave enough time in case a backup plan is required. I’ll spell it out clearer on the post submission page.

          • I’m a bit confused about what time the Awesome thing is posted each day because I’m in London and it’s May 2nd, but the post for May 2nd isn’t up yet. What time do we post each thing everyday? Thanks.

            • Good question. I schedule them to post at 5 pm EST on the day they are supposed to appear. I felt it was better to have people in this continent be able to read after work, comment, etc. Not everyone is on the web at midnight…

              • Ok, good idea. I’ve never used a blog before, so when I am on my wordpress account and write a post and click submit, does it post straight onto the blog or is it sent to you and then you post it at 5pm EST? Sorry I keep asking so many questions. I am no expert at this but I really want to be part of the Awesome Journey πŸ™‚

                • Exactly, when you submit the post, it shows up on the main screen for me and I will schedule it to appear at the right time!
                  I’m no expert either, but I think together we can keep this Awesome Journey going! So keep the questions rolling! πŸ™‚

  1. It all has to be kid friendly, too.. but I’m sure that’s a given.
    I think after the 30 days of tribute to Neil’s blog, we should try to keep away from posting things that he has already. We need to try to come up with our own things. Its going to be hard, I admit, but we have to try.

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  3. I’d love to take the 14th! Also, if we end up with more than 30 people who want to post I’d be willing to go every other month with someone. Also, I’m curious, is there any plan to regulate that fourth criteria (not a near repeat of what was already posted at the original 1000 Awesome Things blog)? With 1000 Things already on the list it will require some sort of checking.

    • Ditto: If there are more than 30 who wish to post (and I hope there are…the more the merrier!), I’d be more than happy to share the 21st with others. πŸ™‚

    • Good point, I put a link to the 1000 Awesome Things list, so you could do a quick search to find if key words are on that list. As well, I will do a quick check before the post goes live.
      I guess if something is published that is similar, it’s not the end of the world, since we all would write about the same thing in very different ways, that’s the beauty of it.
      But insofar as possible, a basic check would be appreciated. I am still learning about new Awesome Things each time I go through the list, so it’s a learning affair for me too πŸ˜€

  4. Cool idea. Feel free to sign me up for the 5th day of the month. I’d gladly contribute on a regular basis, following the criteria you’ve listed.

  5. I’ve commented this on the first post on this blog but anyhow, I would love the 26th as that’s my birthday πŸ™‚ Good criteria! I have started my own list and have put Pain, for different reasons than the original (pain, in most cases, shows that things will get better. Healing is great, and you can’t have healing without pain) but unless I ran really low on ideas (and I’m sure that’ll never happen!) I wouldn’t have put that forward anyway.

    • Emmy, sounds interesting, I really look forward to seeing what a variety of people will be writing about, I am sure this new journey of awesome will be as fabulous and entertaining as the first!
      Thanks for being part of it!

      • I’m lookign forward to reading everyone else’s too! Haha I have been adding some awesome things to my list every night since i started last thursday and I’ve got 64 already πŸ˜›

  6. Is ‘guest post’ a person or could I do a post in that day? I’ve read the awesome blog for about 2 years, but never really commented that much.

  7. I’m thinking we may need to create a private area for an editorial calendar for the 31 bloggers. Unlike with Neil writing his own material, we could find ourselves accidentally tripping over one another.

    For example, cobaltcrepes will write a post the day before mine, but I won’t know the topic until it’s posted on the 4th day of each month. If what I drafted to post on the 5th turned out to be similar, then depending on my work and life schedules, I wouldn’t necessarily have time to dream up a new topic, write about it and shoot a photo to accompany the post.

    If we keep each other in the loop about what we plan to write, even if it’s only a week out from posting day, then it may make things easier for all of us.

    I did a quick search to see what’s out there for tools we could use to keep each other in the know. There’s a free plugin to set up an editorial calendar for multiple posters (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/editorial-calendar/faq/). Might be worthwhile testing out.

    • I really like this idea. Due to my summer schedule I may have to write my June and July posts early and then just wait to put them up so it would be really nice to know they won’t be the same as a post right before them.

    • Wow, I’ve been a blogger for all of 72 hours, so this didn’t even cross my mind πŸ˜› Glad to see we have some experienced contributors here! I’ll take a look at it and see how we can incorporate this.
      For right now, the basic plan was to set up a Submit page where we could submit our Awesome Thing a few days before our actual deadline, and I could line them up and post them to appear at the proper time and date. So at that stage I could detect any potential conflicts. But I agree, a calendar might be helpful as well.
      Thanks for the idea. Glad we have a week to work out the kinks before the new Journey of Awesome continues… πŸ™‚

        • You can definitely add your own pictures for the personal touch. Most of the time, I just Google what I am writing about and find a picture, then copy and paste it to my post. We’ll have to put credits too at the bottom, like “Photos from here and here” (with hyperlinks to the location of the photo). I’ll write a post to explain that tonight… hopefully!

  8. !!!!! I just realized that not only will I get to post on my birthday in June, but I’ll have a post on Mother’s Day! ….I think I know what my post is going to be! πŸ™‚

    • I chose my post date for my June birthday too! But I didn’t think about the fact that I’ll be on Outward Bound with school at that time- a compulsary 8-day camp where you have to rough it in the bush (no toilets/showers!! D: ) in the middle of winter down south- and I’ll be going on the 25th, and my sweet 16 is on the 26th! I’ll have to look at that thing where you program a post to appear at a certain time/date…

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  10. All right, fine… I’ve been thinking about it all week and I’ve decided I’m in! I just hope I don’t run out of creativity and original ideas D: I’ll take the 27th if it’s still free? Happens to be today, huh, and it’s my birthday… when do you want submissions by?

    • Happy Birthday Olivia!!! Hope you have an AWESOME one!
      Thanks for joining us. The 27th is free, so I have added you. The good thing is, you have a month to think about your next awesome thing! I’ll send you an invite to be a contributor, and if you can submit your post by the 21st (a week ahead), that would be great.
      Thanks for keeping Awesome going and growing! =D

      • Already can’t wait! Providing that no one posts them before me, I have some great ideas for May all the way til December! πŸ™‚ Thanks again for this site, Keep the Awesome alive!

        • Olivia, you know what, we’re probably going to need some extra posts in the first few weeks, so if you want to write up a few, I’ll post them as you get them ready, ok?
          I’m glad we have such a great group for this Awesome adventure!

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  12. K so I have posted mine for review, buuut I don’t know how to add photos to it, because I can’t find an insert button and it won’t copy/paste them? How have you guys put pictures in yours?

    • What I normally do is find the image, right click on it to copy it to the clipboard, then come to the post I am writing and click on paste (or Ctrl+V). Never had a problem with that. Once it’s in the post, you can click on the image to indicate whether you want it to be aligned left, right or centre.
      If this doesn’t work, you can post the URL at the bottom of your post and I will get the image into the message when I schedule the post. Or you can email me the photos, your choice!

      • I’m getting really fed up with this- maybe I’m just tired as well. Anyway, it’s late. I’m trying to add the photos, I’ve copied/pasted/edited them, and posted the “from here and here’ links down the bottom, but they’re not showing up when I preview my post. It just comes up with long white thin rectangles where they’re meant to be. Is this normal? Annnnd also I’m trying to schedule mine to post (tomorrow sorry!) but can you only do that? Because mine’s not on the scheduled list yet… sorry to bother anyone who reads this!

        • Hey Emmy, saw your post and looks great! I got the photos in there from the links you put, so should all turn out fine. And yes, I got it scheduled and it’s good to go. Thanks again! In the future, you can do the same thing and I’ll get the photos where you placed them from the links at the bottom. Have a nice weekend!

  13. Guys, I need help. I’m sort of a first-time blogger, so don’t judge me xD When I it the “publish post” button, it said that I wasn’t authorized to submit posts. As I’m not the editor, I figured that would happen, but it never said it was sent for review or anything. So, as I’m terrified of you not getting my post by tomorrow… DID you get it? Or am I supposed to use the submit button?

  14. Have a feeling I’ve goofed this up…sorry! I just posted my entry on the submit page. so sorry it’s so close to deadline. I also don’t have pics as I don’t know the rules on using others’ published photos. I’ve never blogged before and have no idea what I’m doing. Hope to improve next month!

  15. Should I see some sort of confirmation that my post is ready? I’m still trying to figure out the whole dashboard/blogging entirely… I have a post ready to go for this month (next week) but not sure what to do now? It’s submitted, I’m just overthinking I’m sure πŸ™‚

  16. Oh, thank you thank you πŸ™‚ Now I can rest easy tonight and then see it posted tomorrow! I can’t wait to see it actually up on a public blog!! x

  17. I just want to say, thanks to everyone and apologize! Since the move, April 23rd., we’ve been having serious issues; had the www. and telephone about 4 hours total! Electricians and techs been here about 7 times, plus have as many hours+ on telephone with trouble shooting!
    I’m sorry, I feel I failed you all in not submitting on my date. To be honest, for me, it’s best to use the submit page, randomly; when electronics and my health are having good days to do so. I appreciate all of you SO much. Please listen, dance and sing along to this kidling and all ages, friendly, happy tune and know my heart is true :

    • Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, please, no worries. We love to have you here, love to have you commenting. No need to stress about contributing. Whenever you want to, you can send us a post on the Submit page. So keep smiling, keep grooving and keep being Awesome!
      Hope all your moving and other woes come to a happy resolution!

  18. I have just posted one for review (you’ll have to add which number it is) but you can use it if you need a fill in πŸ™‚

    • Ha I just posted another one πŸ˜› You can use the second one as a filler and could you please schedule the walking one for the 26th? I am on Outward Bound then so I won’t be able to post it!

        • Hello! Didn’t see your reply πŸ˜› I was down Walpole way in the SW. Also, how can I email you the photo for my post for the 26th? It’s a drawing I scanned into the computer…

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  20. Thanks! My friends are excited to see today’s post because there’s a certain boy I’ve been talking a lot about with them haha πŸ˜› And we are going down to Walpole for 9 days, camping with no toilets/showers/proper tents (only canvas hung above us as shelter) in the middle of winter :/ Gonna be fuuuunnn…

  21. I also have to beg forgiveness as I won’t have a post in on time for my date this month…tomorrow. I hope you have an extra post lying around. I think it would be best if you remove my name from the schedule. I LOVE what you’re doing, but I’d prefer to read. Thanks so much!

    • We’ve got you covered, Kathy. I know there’s a few posts waiting to be put up.
      Maybe instead of being a monthly contributor, you could just submit an idea on the SUBMIT page whenever one pops into your head.

  22. Haha thank you! We are leaving on Monday morning (so I guess sunday night for you) so that’s why I’ll miss my post date. But Nic’s got it covered, right?? And yeah I shall try and have fun while being dirty and wet and rank. I’m bringing my ukulele though, so it should all be fine πŸ™‚

  23. Hahaha nice suggestion of song πŸ˜› Not my type, but I can see why you thought of it haha πŸ˜› Have you tried the details i sent you on email so you can pay my mum? we can continue to talk there :))

  24. Argh, I’m so sorry guys, but I won’t be able to get my post in this month! I’m leaving for a week-long camping trip later today which means no Internet, and I somehow managed to forget about my post until now, so I couldn’t get it done ahead of time…. I’m sorry guys 😦

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