#896 Time made & making time

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“Life gets busy and time is precious…” You’ve most likely heard or read people starting off a sentence using something similar to those words and I guess that’s because it’s so true! Actually, I reckon a majority of people could probably empathise over the fact that they know what it feels like to be swept off their feet by work, responsibilities and pretty much everything BUT romance!

Hi y’all! Just sittin’ here, waiting to be swept away… Yeeeuupaaah…                          Artist: QueenWerandra | Source: deviantart.com

So, personally, when someone takes the time out of their day to do something just for me, I understand, I feel so grateful and in return I feel appreciated and cared for too… Especially when it’s offered and I haven’t even asked!

Like when the doctor stays back a little longer for your appointment, even if you’ve offered to reschedule because of this busy-bee-ness… or what about when someone adds you into their hectic schedule and they’ve scribbled something out to pen you in… or when you’ve run frantically for the bus and the driver stops to wait for you when it’s already waaay past the stop and time is tight… or even when a friend or family member helps out on the weekend when it’s their only time they get to have break!

Sometimes they might say…

“Hey, don’t sweat it, no worries!”

“Anything for you!”

“No big deal, any time!”

“All good mate, hop on!” (Bus driver, can you guess?)

… and they shrug it off like it actually isn’t a big deal, but (to go a little deeper) the meaning behind it is quite significant.

When someone makes time for you, it can reveal the kind of person they are… It could show that they care about you as much as you care about them, they understand, they’re genuinely a nice person., they have been in your shoes and so on.

Heck, even when someone takes the time to give you a compliment, it can really add a lovely twist into your day!

“Hi, how are you?! Oh your dress is lovely!”

“Cool – I’m diggin’ the tie!”

“That colour really suits you!”

“You have such nice hair…”

“You look great!”

Oh, and this ain’t a one-way-street either. Don’t it just make you want to give back, pay it forward and give some others the time of day too? … I’ve definitely got time for that!


P.S. Remember to treat yourself and take some “me time” out too! 🙂

"Me" time! YAY!  (Also lol, I love this photo!)

“Me” time! YAY! (Also lol, I love this photo!) | Source: freedigitalphotos.net

P.S.S. Anyone remember this show:

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15 thoughts on “#896 Time made & making time

  1. I really love this. And sure we have to hurry to take the baking out of the oven when the timer rings. Run to the plane, train and/or bus before it pulls away. Rush to positions responsibly and respectfully grateful for work. Heaven’s to Murgatroid, speed lightening to a child’s falling before they get hurt! But when someone takes the time and when I take the time, this truly shows the time taken to say or do whatever it is one feels at the time, is priority. I can feel the time slow down to the rhythm of the heart beat and this is really so very naturally where we are meant to-be:)

  2. There never seems to be enough time in the days anymore. The older I get, the shorter the days, the months, the years are. I’m always rushing around and busy, but I’ve been trying to keep telling myself to slow down. Its not the end of the world if I am late just this one time. I should stop to take in the scenery and appreciate things more.
    I have been working on complimenting other people, but its just sort of something I’ve picked up from the girls I work with. They are always complimenting everyone on their hair or shoes or “Have you lost weight?” Why, yes I have, thanks so much for noticing!!!
    At home its easier for me to do things without being asked… its just a mom/wife’s job. I’ll pick out Lilly’s clothes or have Zach’s snack ready or give hubby a massage before they even ask.
    Time slips away so easily. I forget things. My kids are growing up. I spend the majority of my time in a cubicle doing work I don’t like. Its time to slow it down. One day at a time, right?

    • I like your story!
      Ever-changing in this life to accomodate….changes, I’ve realized now it’s not one day at a time anymore, it’s one heart beat at a time and when I slow down to this rhythm and be mindful of what I’m doing in the millisecond of each moment and breath of life, is absolutely amazing! True, I’m not in the routine many parents with school age children are but I truly believe we were not meant to be in that rat race in life. In 1993 time was slowed down for me, having a brush with death experience which landed me in hospital for nearly one full year! As if that wasn’t enough, a surgical procedured left something behind in a kidney which caused serious complications. Nobody fessed up so consequently it took another ten years to diagnose! With horrible symptoms ailing me, I still had to earn an income while a slow process of diagnostics were being done so I prayed, got innovative and designed a business I could work from home and tiime really slowed down. I know this may not be for everyone but it can definitely help, especially when one’s personal instinct is to be this way over career focused which can drain the energy required to-be moment focused when needed to-be with their childre still at home. I was recently speaking with a women from a telephone company who shared that nowadays many companies want to set employees up to work from home so it costs them less overhead. She said she’s never been happpier, was in her pj’s, (knew you’d like that one:), she was a single mom making ample income to suport herself and 3 children. She said to contact:
      call centers.com
      Said the only difficult part was application process, otherwise, they pay for training and once working from home you can reach someone at all times in the event you require assistence . She said she can pretty much set her own hours around her children’s schedule too! She said she’d never been treated better by an employer and never been happier in her life! Was also saving lots of money by working from home with far fewer expenses!
      *Just sharing that I know when I worked from home time slowed down and I was able to be far more plugged in to the things I loved to do with my children. There are so many options today with internet too!
      Now, I’ve slowed it down with Equine Facilitated Wellness…definitely heart beat, in the moment, mindful heartfelt work!:)

        • Not at all Wendy, but rather you hit the nail on the head. Sometimes in our life we need to be speedy and at other times, appreciate that we can take a breather when we need one. You and Becky both made very important observations and points!!! We need to remember how important time is and delegate and balance time to our roles as a daughter, son, mother, father, aunty, uncle, cousin, friend, employee, boss… That’s partly what life coaching teaches anyhow. 🙂 Jeeeez you guys ooze with wisdom! 😛 xo

    • If you feel you need to slow down, then by all means – when you find the time, take it slow :). Fit what you can around your lifestyle – everyone’s different. You’re right though – it seems the older you get, the more responsibilities begin to pile on. As much as you love your kids now, you’re so going to love it when you and hubby will get time together and watch their little bubs grow! 🙂 … And then giggle at the role-reversal ;P.
      Lilly: “PUT THAT DOWN!”

      “But Muuum!”

      “I told you once, I’m not telling you again – my goodness you remind me of me when I was younger!”

      *Becky smiles with a twinkle in her eye*

      Hehe 🙂

  3. Oh and I love that you added Days of Our Lives at the end. I grew up watching that show and continued watching it until Lilly was born. By then, so many crazy things were happening that I couldn’t keep up with the show. Who died, but really didn’t. Who turned into a man. Who lost their memory. Who divorced who. Who hated that guy and who turned against that girl…. too much for me.

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