#897 Being Proud Of Yourself & Showing Your True Colors! (Contributed by Bekah)

Contributed by Bekah (Becky)

You know what I just did? I ran my very first 5k!




Becky 2

The gorgeous Becky and her pink dye!

^ Me. Yep, that’s right. ^

This is all part of my journey to becoming a better, healthier and new ME.
Not only was it a 5k, it was The Color Run.

Becky 3

Becky looking totally awesome and beautiful for her 5k Run!

Becky 4

Some very colourful backsides! See how many blue-bums you can spot ;P.

By the end of the race, you look like a rainbow. As you run, there are stations set up where people throw color on you. The color is just corn starch with dye in it, but its super fun.

Becky 5

Becky 6

Hahaaa! Gorgeous, green, greasy Becky!

Becky 7

Becky 8

Ooh la la!


The first station was pink, then yellow, followed by blue and they saved green for last. The stuff flying in the air made it a little difficult to breathe, but it was so much fun, I’m doing it again at the end of this month in another race called The Color Vibe.

BEcky 9

At the end of the race, we had a colorful dance party where we all got in a big group and threw our own color packets in the air. “Past me” would never imagine that “future me” would be a runner, or even do a race of any kind. I did something that I was very proud of and had fun doing it and it was AWESOME!

Becky 10Becky 11

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27 thoughts on “#897 Being Proud Of Yourself & Showing Your True Colors! (Contributed by Bekah)

  1. OMG! I’ve been impatiently waiting for this! You had me crying at the first pic! You look so great and your eyes look so proud and happy! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU, Bekah!!!
    Sooo much fun! SO MUCH AWESOME-BEING!
    I recently saw an ad that there’s one in a town near me, soon! And tho I thought I’d go, then I thought, I can’t possibly be ready to run 5K and threw the ad out, now I feel like I threw away a dream and suppose I could walk it because I want to be HAPPY as YOU and I want it and need it more than ever before!
    Thanks so much for this post and for being so incredibly awesome!
    Thanks for choosing LIFE! This is truly something to be proud of! Love you xoz

    • You can still do it Wendy! I should be on next year! Pleeeeenty of time to get into gear 😀 – especially if you’re going to be doing more outdoor activities! In fact – if you could get some photos of what you’re doing in your activities for a post that’d be awesome! I’d love to see that part of your life and to see you happy :).

    • Then again it does look like the colour run ay???!!! I think it was taken in the UK – so I don’t doubt it! You guys had a dance at the end yeah? This is probably that part of the event, actually! 😀

  2. There was a Colour Run in Perth this year and I really wanted to do it with a couple friends of mine!! But it was the morning after my school ball so I didn’t get to 😦 Hopefully when it comes round again I’ll stick to it and do the 5km 🙂 I can’t imagine how I’ll manage running that far when 3kms just about kills me but I guess with adrenaline, colour and friends I’ll somehow pull through!

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