# 898 Tattoos (Contributed by Wendy)

Contributed by Wendy
A Tattoo Muse STar

 I understand they’re not for everyone but I do have respect for those who choose to adorn themselves with colourful things such as flowers03Dand family trees, wild-life, badges of honour, their baby-child’s foot prints and other beautiful displays of love and affection.Heart 
Something I wasn’t sure I’d personally ever do all started with a birthday gift certificate. After, the artist started he said, “You’ve chosen a most sensitive sight!” 
“NOW you tell me”, I said and contemplated leaving as Phoebe had done on Friends,       with one dot she claimed was Earth from outer space! But I’d survived worse so persevered for one tasteful tattoo… a wild, delicate flower which has the ability to grow everywhere~ a Daisy. Carefully placed on the “inside” of the ankle, in the event obscurity was required.

A few years later, I experienced many losses in a short period of time. Dragonflies were everywhere! I’d learn they are messengers from the other side; their ever-present smiles, gentle presence and iridescent colour of faith representing the circle of life and faith in the after-life… I clung to their meaning with hope.
My first grand-baby-girl-child was born, and as I witnessed a friend give my grand-daughter her breath of life, no words could describe the experience.

I received another gift certificate for a new tattoo. I brought the artist a native depiction of Dragonfly, being part of our culture, I had to have. Although she was unsure of her own ability, I pleadingly convinced her she could do it. There was no time to waste, I had to have it NOW!
Centre stage, beneath my belly button…the life line. A blend of mixed blessing’s, this tattoo had been emotionally pain-full but with very little physical pain in application. Could’ve been I was numb, may just be the fact that the stomach has many layers of skin. A great personal site!

Then I thought, three’s a nice number and started to imagine the tattoo I’d have to get next~ Angels, Saints, Wild-Life, Flora and Fauna blessing’s from Mother Nature; family, friends and Bruce Springsteen, all crossed my mind. I wanted to honour all who have helped me with effervescence of life, naturally!

Came the time for me to embark on a journey with Jesus, and quest for essence, on my own. With loved ones and ancestors in spirit; parents, mentors and protectors. With guiding lights of life force, my children, my grand-babies and generations to come in mind and heart. I walked with deer, eagle, jays, raven, crow, horses, owl, fox, bear and many other creatures great and small. I slowed down to the rhythm of my own heart. It was truly amazing!

Upon return I had to find the chosen one who could help me symbolize this divine right of passage… accordingly and spiritually, through the art of tattooing… naturally, the time was now~ it had To-Be! I prayed intently and we were aligned.B60

No doubt he’s deserving of the awards he has received. With a whole lot of patience, empathy and understanding, Dion helped me select highlights to honour the value of my journey and their placement. Over a number of sessions, story came to life in fine art. There was very little pain because Dion truly knows the true art of tattooing. 

As spring and summer approached, blistering hot days requiring scant attire now had people questioning and some even ridiculed with shameful remarks. A few times I wondered, then I met a young lady who helped me embrace through a movement called, “To Write Love On Her Arms.” (http://twloha.com/)

Recently, my dad heard about the changes I’d made in my life and decided to pay me a visit. Although I’m a grown up and it really shouldn’t matter, I didn’t want to hear condescending laughter or any negative remarks about something so awesome. When he asked, “And what are all these?” There was no under-tone, no chuckle. And with humble pride, I shared briefly all they meant to me. Much to my surprise he said, “Good for you!” and many other endearing things, then hugged me like never before!

While I placed one no-where near where I’d wanted it, but in the midst of displacement had forgotten, it’s become a reminder of the direct effect my actions and words can have on me; those nearest and dearest to me as well as the ripple effect far and wide, for generations. To be more gentle with myself and with others. This tattoo also reminds me of courage, fortitude and a strong spirit, which is a really big deal to display in living colour. 517

It took the fittest of survival, a journey of miles, some Holly Holy times to feel more alive… to see the road I was on in the distance behind and the one ahead, I choose to thrive on.

Today I wear my tattoos proudly, on feet, belly, arm and shoulder. And on the horizon I see big beautiful iridescent Butterfly Wings in flight with the script~ Valiant Grace… my next tattoo muse, to-be totally Awesome!

source: unknown

source: unknown

Wendy Shellard-Benna 
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8 thoughts on “# 898 Tattoos (Contributed by Wendy)

  1. I love to hear the story behind a good tattoo. I don’t like hearing.. oh, I just thought it was pretty. You should pick something that MEANS something to you. You’re going to have it the rest of your life. I have a lily flower on my right ankle. Its huge and blue. I got it for my daughter, Lilly. The next one I’m going to get is an octopus for my son, Zach. Its kind of an inside joke. When I was pregnant with him, Lilly wanted to name him Ashley if it was a girl and Octopus if it was a boy and she was stuck on those names.

    • I agree – and most friends who see something that is pretty usually have it tattooed because it’s a piece of artwork they love and that makes them happy. The tattoo world is forever evolving. 🙂

      I’d love to get something like this one day: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs26/i/2009/254/e/2/pyschodelic_wave_by_asuss06.jpg

      I love the bright colours!!!! I’ve always wanted to have a sunset or something on there… Maybe fairy-floss clouds considering my head is always in them! I’m a big dreamer lol.

      What a cute idea you have for that octopus Becky! I’d love to see it when you get it done and the photo of the lilly! 🙂 xo

  2. Oh yes and I just remembered this…
    Jesus LOVES me, this I KNOW!!!

    *And octopus, cute, Bekah!
    And I love the design you’ve chosen, Lizzy.
    I saw one on a girl with an infinite love symbol and all her family within it’s bright colours.
    Our hairdresser designed a tree on his arm with his wife and children’s names incorporated in the tree! Both super awesome and full of love!!

  3. Up until a few months ago i hated all tattoos and thought ‘why ruin your skin like that’ but then i changed my mindset- still really do not like the look of whole limbs or bodies covered in ink, but I do like discrete, meaningful ones, personal ones. Recently I’ve decided I want to get a tattoo, eventually, and it will be the most deep and meaningful and personal thing to me, and that’s the only reason I believe anyone should ever get a tattoo- certainly just because something ‘looks cool’ or ‘pretty’- like those men who have naked women on their arms, or women with a curly tramp stamp just because. They have to be personal.

    • Hey Emmy, I don’t know why this never trickled into my email box…
      but anyway, SO GOOD TO “see” you here!! You’ve been missed!
      Hope your visit with bf was terrific!
      Do tell us if/when you decide to get a “tattoo-you”…
      fyi. that’s a REALLY Awesome Rolling Stones album:)

      • Hi Wendy! I love seeing your posts and comments when they come into my inbox too 😀 Although I’ve hardly been on Awesome Things or Friends lately, I’m in the middle of school end of year exams -__- And then in 3 weeks I’ll be graduating, and then I’ll be in the middle of state end of year exams! But then I shall be free of schoolwork, at least until start of next year 😀
        I’ll let you lovely people know when I get a tattoo- but you and only you 😛 I’m putting it where no one will be able to see… if you get my drift 🙂

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