#899 Playing Hooky (Contributed by Bekah)

Contributed by Bekah

I don’t know if that’s what it’s called everywhere, but around here it’s when you call off work or don’t go to school just because you want to. You’re not sick. You don’t really have anything you have to do. You just stay home.

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(Source Ahrum-Stock on deviantart.com)

Everyone needs a break every once in a while. Just enjoy a day to yourself, watch old re-runs on the TV, eat a bag of chips in bed and don’t change out of your pyjamas. I haven’t done this in a while, so I’m due for one. I’ll get up, take the kids to day care and come back home. I might slip back into my pyjamas and make a cup of coffee…

Source: Skydancer - stock on deviantart.com

Source: Skydancer – stock on deviantart.com

… Or I might just go back to bed for a few hours. And then I get to watch TV. Not just that, but I get to watch whatever I want on TV!

(Source: Valentine-FOV-Stock on deviantart.com)

(Source: Valentine-FOV-Stock on deviantart.com) THE TV IS ALL MINE! MUAHAHA!

I have the remote and no interruptions.

After some TV, I might take another nap… who knows.

Oh, and I can read for as long as I want without having to stop to break up fights or cook some food. Although, now that we have a dog, I’d have to go feed him and let him loose to run around for a bit, but then I could just sit on the porch swing and watch the clouds roll by.

This mom is due for a good day off. No work. No kids. No hubby. No cleaning. No cooking. Just relaxing and catching up on sleep for a day. Doesn’t that just sound so AWESOME!

(Source: AreteStock on deviantart.com)

(Source: AreteStock on deviantart.com)

 ~Contributed by Bekah

Comment below and tell us your favourite thing to do when you play hooky! Or as the Aussies say: “chuck a sickie”. Don’t worry, we won’t tell the boss! 😉

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8 thoughts on “#899 Playing Hooky (Contributed by Bekah)

  1. A couple of things- I didn’t notice the panda head on the toilet earlier and I LOVE that chicks outfit. I’d so wear that.
    I’m due for a hooky day to catch up on some much needed sleep and laziness.
    Chuck a sickie? Really? That’s what you guys call it. I think I have to start using that now.

    • Ahaha! I know right?! I thought you’d like them… Now to master the look of the bearded guy! Then again, I don’t think I could ever look as chill and as at home with myself as that guy does.

      Yeah – feel free to use “chuck a sickie”! It’s yours for the taking :D.


  2. When I play hooky I love to sleep in, make myself pancakes or waffles, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, all in silence. There always seems to be a TV or radio on in the house so I really appreciate the quiet of hooky mornings all to myself. =D

    • Oooh! Sounds very comfy, homey, lovely and peaceful. How nice… Sleeping-in is just the best though, isn’t it? Even if you’re awake, knowing you don’t have to get up to do anything that just keeps you in bed anyway! Here’s to day dreams and hooky days! 😉

  3. FAR better than beats a sick day and since I haven’t had the luxury of a hooky day in a LONG time, I’ll have to make this a goal for myself over the winter…to me, the most enjoyable day to have one…fire place going, snow falling, a tall order of guy in door #1;)

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