#900 Despicable words (Contributed by Wendy)

Contributed by Wendy

Pus, snot, puke…

Aaah it's the snot monster!

Aaah it’s the snot monster!

Diarrhoea, phlegm, mucous…


Sputum, fungus, mold…


Bacteria, mildew, infection…


and cystic zit!

Some of the many words that are so despicable you can’t help but find them categorically… Awesome!

Let’s hear some of your despicable words!

~Contributed by Wendy

Image source: forum.baby-gaga.com

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6 thoughts on “#900 Despicable words (Contributed by Wendy)

  1. Man, I thought that first picture was gross…. and then I got to the second one… and the third one.
    There’s this video I watched not too long ago about two people who are using the grossest sounding words… like moist and pus.

    • Bekah, I can totally relate. Wendy chose the most terrifically rotten photos lol! ButI got over the “ick” factor when I was editing – it was like shock therapy! Lol!

      Moist and pus are pretty gross sounding words. I’ve always thought “moist” was… “Moist” and “excrete”. *shudders*.

      • Pus! That WAS another word I thought of and forgot to include:(
        If only I had a picture of a foster bro’ I had when he popped a cystic zit in the bathroom and a spiral of pus spewed all all over the mirror!
        That would be awesome!!!

        • Omigoodness… I am permanently scarred from this Youtube Video I saw of someone doing JUST THAT. Except the girl couldn’t squeeze this dude’s FERAL cyst thing… (blergh) So she had to get a knife to pierce it and when she did it went EVERYWHERE. ALL OVER THE CAMERA SCREEN. Scarred, scarred, scarred *rocks back and forth in a corner*. Lol!!! Oh my, that was so gross.

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