#903 Secret Recipes (contributed by Wendy)

Title: Secret Recipes (post contributed by Wendy)

When you try something you really like at a restaurant your buds surface, band together and brainstorms brew, collaborating the secret ingredients so you can master the taste from your own home kitchen!


Source: unknown

The perfect blend of tangy-sweet coleslaw dressing and home-made tartar sauce at the best “Fish n’ Chip” joint in town!

Angel rice noodles smothered in scrumptious Thai curry prawns, with equal amounts of red bell and red hot chili peppers, sweet shallot onions, a whole lot of garlic, and coconut…

“And oh, but excuse me, can you please give me the *hint-hint* in the sauce…?” 

“Sorry to trouble you but I have several food allergies” 

Put a little love in your heart…

“My, my! Compliments to the chef! I have a big dinner party coming up and I’d sure love to impress my guests with the recipe!”

   I try them all.  Sometimes a smile, (*add sprinkle of twinkle, twinkle little stars in the eyes*) will bedazzle… 

starry smile

Source: uknown

And voila, you’ve waved the magic wand to enter the world under chef’s big hat, where tall orders are filled and some of the world’s best secrets are kept!

Then there are those times you discover a leader of the pack, a member of a clan whose centuries-old family recipe will be buried with them. And as they come storming out of the kitchen, you get a sneak peek at several full scrolls of fly strip stickies. The owner and head cook with no hair net, no hat, shoulder length unkempt and greasy hair, dirt and grime filled 3″ long finger nails, wearing an apron covered in years of kitchen spills and sludge, waving a salmonella-covered wooden spoon, shouting and spitting shameful shame of all shames at you for dare asking!


And although the food had been superb, you’ve no longer a desire for that recipe, you have to wonder where all the health inspectors have gone, and you leave the shame where it belongs.

There are also employees who’ve clearly taken an oath and with an exacting code of ethics, stand as secret recipe agent guards and nothing, I tell you, nothing will break them! Not even an authentic 2 dollar bill!

Source: eventertainment.com.au/tallstars.htm

Source: eventertainment.com.au/tallstars.htm

These are the days we must unite with our little taste-buddies and experiment, re-master, re-create and re-design our very own excelsis day-oh…

* B.C.’s White Spot very own Legendary Triple O sauce- almost heaven.

*Donair, Spicy fries and savoury sweet dipping sauce- nearly gotcha’ going!

*Colonel Sander’s, aka, KFC’s secret blend of herbs and spices, unless you’re clairvoyant, I doubt you’ll ever pull that one out of the big old chef’s hat!


Source: facebook.com/HandstandKids

Whether we come close, bedazzle the master chef’s secrets, or escape a brush with death, these are the days we will mount up with wings as eagles, and in exaltation sing praises for the secret as we dine. These are the days, by the sparkling river, we turn the water into wine. And these are the days we know as truly fine… Awesome!

~Post contributed by Wendy 

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17 thoughts on “#903 Secret Recipes (contributed by Wendy)

  1. Ya know, that’s something I’ve always wanted.. a secret recipe. Something that’s just mine that no one else knows. Sometimes I do experiment in the kitchen and come up with new concoctions, but I’m sure there’s no secret about them. I’m going to do it. I’m going to have my own secret recipe that all my grandchildren will want to have one day.

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