#904 Bringing a pet home for the first time (Contributed by Bekah)

Contributed by Bekah
Q: What’s the one thing that all little kids want?
A: A pet, that’s right.
A stray dog wanders in your yard and they want to keep it. The neighbor has a cat, why can’t they?

Grumpy Child by Clare Bloomfield from freedigitalphotos.net

I grew up with lots of animals. We had a mini farm. I’ve had cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats and even that one snake we tried to hide from Mom. My first pet was a Beagle named Dan. I loved Dan. We would run and play and I’d sit forever just petting him. My first cat’s name was Shadow. She was all black and loved to sit in your lap.
Now that we are in a place that we can have animals, my kids have been wanting a dog. We can’t have cats because my husband is allergic, so a dog it is. I wasn’t ready. One day last fall, the kids were playing in the backyard and one of the neighbor’s dogs ran in the yard. Lilly got so excited thinking that we got her a dog. I had to break her heart and tell her that no, we didn’t.
We talked about getting a dog for a good 6 months before we finally got one. Sunday, we left the kids with family and we went to go look at 6-week-old black labs. The best thing about them was that they were free. We grabbed up the last male of the litter and headed home.  The kids had no idea. Oh, I should have gotten a picture of their faces. Zach was excited that the dog had eyes and he kept poking them. Lilly was obsessed with naming him.

Oreo, the newest edition, getting used to his new family and home.

We finally named him Oreo. We have nothing for him right now, we need to go shopping and spoil him.
I’m happy that the kids are going to have a loving companion for a long time. A dog to run and play with. A dog to cuddle and pet. A dog to love that loves you back. I haven’t had a pet since I was a teenager and I’m excited about having Oreo. It is kind of like having a new baby in the house. I get up a couple times a night to tend to Oreo. He sleeps a lot throughout the day and poops in all the places he’s not supposed to. He likes to stick his front paw in his water bowl and tip it over. He likes to bite at your toes and chew on your shoe.
Its been proven that having a pet makes you happier and you live longer. A dog is a man’s best friend, right?
D'aaw his pink tongue!

*Yawn* Yep, totally comfortable with this new family of mine. Oreo, you’re a cutie.

~ Contributed by Bekah

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11 thoughts on “#904 Bringing a pet home for the first time (Contributed by Bekah)

  1. Still getting used to having a new one in the house. Its weird. The kids want to play with him, but then when he starts playing, they don’t want to anymore because he jumps on them. Zach yells, “NO DOGGIE!!” When Oreo whines, Zach says, “You’re fine, boy”
    Its cute. Oreo is cute. Hubby is really attached to him.

    • Yeah it’ll take a little time, but soon enough it’ll feel like Oreo was always meant to be there. 🙂 Puppies are super demanding too I guess, lucky they grow up quick! Seems like Oreo gets super excited about play! He’ll learn to calm down a little too – most of his energy will be spent on playing fetch once he learns. Lol your little boy is the cutest – I’m sure the family will make absolutely wonderful memories with your new lil’ addition.

      • Its like having a brand new baby in the house. Thankfully, Oreo sleeps all night now. He’s beginning to learn to not scratch and bite, but sometimes he gets a little excited and gets carried away.

  2. Oh My Gosh!!! I haven’t checked this blog in FOREVER! I just suddenly decided to check today and there have been new posts! I thought the posts had stopped; I’m so glad they haven’t!

    • We’re still goin’ when we can! I’m working on putting up a post by Wendy but I haven’t had a spare moment! 🙂 You’re still more than welcome to post if you like! 🙂

        • No worries! 🙂 Thanks for coming back. I find it sometimes, strangely feels like home when you access a website/blog you haven’t been to for a while!

  3. Well, Congratulations!! A house is finally a home and a family finally whole with a puppy! Oreo is so cute! When we rescued our dog from the shelter he was just a little fluff ball, 13 years ago! I taught her You ar my sunshine and you should hear her howl that song…it’s truly awesome!
    Now I have joint custody of her and a fish but I can’t teach him to fetch or sing; I can’t go for walks with or cuddle my fish:(
    Dog’s are the best pet! (Next to horses:)

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