#906 My Mate’s Shirt



Ain’t that the truth?

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About Lizzie|1000 Awesome Friends

Lizzie is the lover of little things & has been described as zany, odd & "weird but in a good way" (whatever that means). She also finds talking about herself in 3rd person awkward. Liz enjoys most things revolving around the genres of fantasy & sci-fi & likes blogging, literature, writing, singing, music, culture & people. Lizzie is currently sharing the admin role with Nicholas for 1000 Awesome Friends , stemmed from Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things, to keep the awesomeness going. She welcomes all living beings to contribute their awesome thing/experience - she'd love to read them & keep the awesomeness going!

9 thoughts on “#906 My Mate’s Shirt

  1. My grandson’s each have a tshirt that read, Big Brother’s Are AWESOME and of course the other reads, Little Brother’s Are AWESOME!
    I remember when Neil went to one of the Chapter’s/Indigo book stores to promote one of his Awesome books, everyone in the photograph was wearing a t-shirt with great big colourful letters, same as the book, sprawled across the front and I so wanted one!!! Matter of fact, I still do!! Must find an Awesome t-shirt!
    side note: Another I’d like is the one Keith Urban wore on Idol this year, Mustang…

    • Hahahaha! That’s so cool Wendy. Yes – to get your hands on an Awesome Things shirt would be incredibly awesome! Dunno if I’d be able to rock a Mustang shirt like Urban… You could though! Because you’re super cool :).

  2. I think everyone should own an awesome shirt and then we have a day every month where everyone wears it. I’ve wanted one forever. I haven’t seen any that I’m willing to pay for because I’m kinda cheap like that. There are lots online like the one pictured

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