#907 Trading Lunches in School

You spend your entire morning learning math and your stomach starts to rumble. Your teacher finally announces that it’s time to line up for lunch. Anxiously you grab that brown paper bag your mom packed for you earlier that morning. Not knowing what’s in it you wonder if it’s candy and popcorn…

"Please be yummy, please, please, please!"

“I wonder if there’s something yummy in here…?”

Finally, you get to the cafeteria and open your bag. Slowly your smile begins to slip away when you notice that Mom packed carrots and celery with a plain cheese sandwich on that bread you don’t like.



Digging down further you find an applesauce cup and think that this could be your ticket to a better lunch. Surveying the kids around you and what they are pulling out of their bags, you spot apples and oranges. Your best friend sitting beside you pulls out a jello cup and you want it. Your eyes are locked on it. All you can think about is that jello. You exchange glances with your friend and you notice that disgusted look on his face. He doesn’t like green jello. Picking up your applesauce you hold it out for your friend and he hands you that jello. Victory!!



Upgrades from your lunch to other people’s lunch all depends on what you have, what they have and how desperate other people are to trade for something they think is better. Of course no kid really wants those carrots in a baggy or even some questionable cheese. But there is always at least one kid that loves cheese who is stuck with that jello flavor that is your favorite.

Negotiating is a fine art that you learn in the lunch room. Once you get the hang of it, swapping lunches is thrifty, efficient and…

Here, have this! I don't want it...

You waaaant some?



11 thoughts on “#907 Trading Lunches in School

  1. Love this post Bekah!!! I did this all the time. There was this one kid who always had cold fried chicken – I was always keen to swap with her! I also never, ever had an LCM’s bar to myself. That was always eyed off by my mates and so I always ended up sharing it. Ah, memories…

    • Fried chicken!!! None of my classmates ever brought anything that good. It was usually some kind of sandwich and small things to do with it.
      I try to switch it up for Lilly though. She gets Ravioli, Lunchables, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, Vienna Sausages, and then some string cheese, cottage cheese, pudding or some fruit. I wonder if she has ever traded anything.

      • Sounds like your kid’s pretty lucky!!! My sister packs awesome lunches for her kids too – she bakes crap-loads of healthy muffins and all-sorts (she was lucky, she learnt to cook from our Nonna, so she’s pretty amazing at it!).

  2. OMG! The pics you added made me laugh! I love them!!!!
    I remember in the second grade I still had a Smurfs lunchbox and I thought I was too old for Smurfs so I tried scratching the picture off with a fork. Wish I still had that thing now.

  3. I never had a lunch kit and I always wanted one. I remember the kids who traded had cool lunch kits. I had a brown bag. I had a thermos once but clumsy me dropped it within the first week of school, shattered its glass guts and that was that; I never had the piveledge of another thermos. I always wanted a lunch kit like most every kid in the class so I could be in the trading club but brown bags were what my lunch was packed in. Was told, “Should be grateful you have a lunch. There are starving children in Biafria!” I thought the homemade bread was awesome but the other children had “The new sliced Wonder Bread”… and they laughed! I almost never had anything anybody wanted to trade me for…but when I fixated and used ma witch craft, I could at times scare a jello or pudding out of someone. KIdding~ I’d trade for a homemade cookie. Once in a blue moon there was a surprise wagon wheel and I most certainly wasn’t trading *that* for nothing!
    Now this is a little off topic but in the vicinity and I want to share that in our own countries, there are children going hungry and this is not good at all for their growing bodies and minds! So In September, I’m geting involved in the breakfast and lunch program for kids at a local school. I’m in charge of baking and can’t wait to provide them with the best baked nutritional goods to hopefully fill their tummies, nourish their minds and bring smiles to all the children’s faces.

    • That’s fantastic! My old youth pastor, back when I used to go to church, did a similar initiative for a local high school. He received HEAPS of positive feedback. On ya Wendy!

    • He also touched many people’s lives. I believe you will definitely bring some awesome into many kid’s lives through this :).

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