#908 Flowers From Kids

You see the child’s hands behind their back and you wonder what in the world they could be up to…


by ~perfectshots (Deviant Art)

The 3 year old hands you a big handful of flowers, weeds, and grass that they pulled up from the backyard with a huge goofy smile on their face.

“These are for you.” they say as they let go and the flowers droop in your hand. Dandelions, daisies, violets, buttercups, some 3 leaf clovers and pieces of grass are all thrown in the mix. You give them a big smile and tell them, “Thank you!

by ~MultiCurious (Deviant Art)

These are beautiful. Let’s go put them in water.” Heading inside to get a small vase or even a cup full of water, they look so proud that they got you such a great gift.

by *Sealyanphoenix

by ~Nevi (Deviant Art)

Even though the stems are too short, most of the petals are missing, all the flowers are broken or drooping and the leaves are ripped, you do honestly love it, you know it is AWESOME!

by *BeautifulDragon322


20 thoughts on “#908 Flowers From Kids

  1. I’m loving the pictures you added!
    Just yesterday Zach brought me a dead Dandelion from the ball field. I loved it. Lilly still picks me flowers too.
    I remember picking flowers for my mom. I’d go just right across the little dirt road from our house and pick her all kinds of flowers and weeds and take them to her.

    • Haha, aren’t they just the cutest?! I love the gorgeous doggy at the end.

      D’aaw. That’s so sweet – they’re extra special when they’re from kids aye! I used to gather interesting rocks and give it to my parents haha!

      My friends and I would also be a little bit naughty and pick flowers from other people’s gardens to give to our mothers. One day we got caught and this elderly lady came chasing after us and we bolted home. She ended up being really nice, but we freaked out when she came knocking one of my friend’s doors and told her mother what happened. But after she said “the girls can come and pick flowers whenever they like, so long as they ask first.” Lol. We were so grateful and relieved!

      • That’s funny! She chased you down to tell you that you can pick her flowers!

        I used to get rocks and paint them with nail polish and hand them out to people.

  2. One day when my eldest daughter was four years of age, she came running in the house, “Mommy, mommy, look what I’ve got for you, kotex!” Ear to ear smile, proud, hand full of dandelions gone to seed!” That was the picture on the box at the time for their advertising, new freedom! Too funny!
    I loved flowers from children! My first bouquet from Noah were wild daisies, my favourite! Yesterday was soloman slippers and bright yellow dandelions:)
    Great awesome post, Bekah!!

    • I’m glad you enjoy it and that you can relate. I loooove getting flowers from my kids. I now understand why mom was always so happy to get the flowers we picked, even if they were dead or just weeds.
      One time visiting mom, Lilly saw a flower on the side of the road that she wanted to pick for her. I don’t know names of flowers unless they are a type of Lily so I told her its a Boonie flower and she asked why it was called that and I told her that when she gives it to Maw Maw to say, “I picked this Bonnie flower for you since you live out in the Boonies!” Mom cracked up. In case you don’t know ‘out in the boonies’ basically means ‘out in the middle of nowhere’

      • Oh ya, trust me, I’ve lived in the boonies! Now I live in town but spend a great deal of time in the boonies. We are blessed with inner city boonie trails, believe it or not! Wet lands, streams, creeks, all protected areas for the foods they all provide to mother earth and all living things in their path, straight to the rivers and ocean lives!
        I love boonies, they are life force and I think that’s an adorable name for a flower you don’t know the name of!
        I’ve only been learning the names from earth children I’ve worked with who thrive in the forest but do not do so well in the urbs. There are evn forest schools coming alive and one is where I did some growing up in Lynn Valley! Some of these childen even surprise me with their knowing which ones are edible and what they are good for! Then some of the kids parents bought me a book on all wild flowers, shrubs, mosses, trees, firns, you name it of our area, but I still have so much to learn…it’s awesome!

  3. I used to pull my hand up the stalk of a grass seed plant and present the seeds to my dad all flower-shaped and compact in my hand and say “I brought you a flower!” and then proceed to chuck them at him. I was a lovely kiddie :’)

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