#909 Pre-warmed seats on cold days

Imagine that it’s winter or it’s raining…

You’ve just missed your bus or train – or it’s running late and it’s freezing! You can feel that chill creeping up on you starting from the back of your neck and tingling its way down your spine.


Cold by ~BelzZub (Deviant Art)

Finally, a train or bus finally arrives and you jump inside immediately to get away from the cold air and into the warmth to find a seat. Hopefully it won’t take too long for the seat to warm up…

Commuting by *shenanigan87 (Deviant Art)

But wait (or should I say “butt” hehe) – this seat’s warm! Ah, yes! Someone who sat here before you has pre-warmed this seat for you already.

Great! You can feel the warmth spreading to your back and your body beings relax, nearly like you’ve just had a lovely warm cuppa…

Warm seats are awesome – no more if’s, and’s or buttoxes (teehee) about it. šŸ˜‰

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Lizzie is the lover of little things & has been described as zany, odd & "weird but in a good way" (whatever that means). She also finds talking about herself in 3rd person awkward. Liz enjoys most things revolving around the genres of fantasy & sci-fi & likes blogging, literature, writing, singing, music, culture & people. Lizzie is currently sharing the admin role with Nicholas for 1000 Awesome Friends , stemmed from Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things, to keep the awesomeness going. She welcomes all living beings to contribute their awesome thing/experience - she'd love to read them & keep the awesomeness going!

5 thoughts on “#909 Pre-warmed seats on cold days

  1. Haha good punning there Lizzie ;D I was going to say at first, mm-mm sorry, I do not like warm seats at any time, but then you described that situation and I think that’s the only time I’d like a pre-warmed seat. But I hate it when you’ve been sitting somewhere a while and you have to move down a seat or swap and you sit in someone’s warm spot and you know their bum has produced that warmth, and the awkwardness of when you know the person getting your seat will be thinking the exact same thing… Nup, doesn’t do it for me sorry :SS But I guess getting into Winter it’d be more tolerable! Especially sitting outside!

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