#915 Waterproof Boots

When you’re equipped with waterproof boots, anything’s possible.

Facing a pond-sized puddle at an intersection? No problem.

Mucking about on the farm or need to hike across a mud-sodden field to reach a primo birding spot? Easy peasy.

Rushing to place your recycling bin outside before the truck passes your house? Slip those boots on in record time.

Winter snowdrifts won’t even pose a challenge when you have rubber boots. Granted, today’s waterproof boots tend to feature less rubber and more polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Today’s shoppers may choose from a surprising variety of colours, styles and brands, including ones that will set you back hundreds of dollars.

Mine are cheap versions, but I admit to owning many pairs. I have a tall pair, a short pair, insulated ones, purple ones and black ones. Since I’m prone to drop heavy items or stub (read: break) my piggies, I even own a pair of steel-toed rubber boots.

You can also call them puddle-jumpers, gumboots, Wellington boots, galoshes, Wellies, Hunter’s,  and so on. Whatever name you apply, boots that give you a licence to do anything are



19 thoughts on “#915 Waterproof Boots

  1. I just bought a new pair of puddle jumpers; first pair since ALONG time! They are kinda’ cool, fun and funky… actually look like cowgirl boots!
    Then today I saw a taller, really pretty colours, butterflies, paislies, but I couldn’t justify! Man I wished I’d seen this before today!! I love boots!

    • Maybe the pretty ones will be on sale next time you see them. Then you would be able to feel pick them up guilt-free.
      So, did the cowgirl ones have little spurs, Wendy?

      • No spurs but totally cool little buckle near the top and the ankle; somewhere between cowgirl and biker chick! hahaha!
        And that’s an Awesome friend who will give permission for another’s pretty purchase~ Thanks:)

  2. Great post! I’ve never owned a pair, but I make sure my kids do. My kids love jumping in the puddles and I can’t have their feet getting all wet. What’s worse than wet socks?

  3. I haven’t been here in many months…had no idea it was still going. Kudos! Wow, I’ve just sat here looking through the previous posts. I’m just amazed at the brilliant idea posted!
    I just recently bought my first pair of rain boots since childhood. They are fuschia/plum with bright blue treads…soooo cool!

  4. Hey everyone,

    Thought I’d stop in for a visit! Love what you’ve done with the place. Many great posts, a loving community, and non-stop smiles about awesome things. Plus, after walking through icy pools of muddy slush near my house for two weeks, I can appreciate a good waterproof boot. Let me tell you.

    On a totally unrelated note: May I propose a group sweatpants-wearing party? I have a big pair on right now and I just rediscovered that they are the most comfortable thing ever. Why are we not all wearing sweatpants all day, every day? We need to investigate this mystery.

    Hugs and kisses always.

    • Wow! I’m almost never here this time of day, esp. on a Sunday afternoon and Heerrre’s Neil! Awesome!
      So, can we have a description of your rubber boots and what you like to call them?!
      *On sweat pants…very interesting you should pose the topic today!
      True story: It was a blustery night with things that go bang in the dark. I was home alone with my dog and she was growling a lot! So I actually slept in sweat pants with my puddle jumper boots by the door in the event I had to flee! When I went out to grocery shop today, I just changed into fresh sweats! I counted 5 pairs in my sweat pant drawer and that’s my investigation on sweat pants, just for today! =D
      So nice of you to drop by!
      I’m worried about Lizzie though. She took over this blog for Nicholas, (bless her!)
      Where she lives was under terrible floods last we spoke and not a word for 2 weeks!

    • Hey Neil, how nice to see your face (or rather, writing!) around here 😀 Missed your personal notes, my friend! I have not worn gumboots since I was probably about 6- it’s about time I bought myself some new ones! Except the problem is, we don’t get snow or floods here, and there’s not really anywhere to go out playing in the mud and big puddles like you would as a kid in the bush, so I would have no use for them!! Hopefully some day I’ll be able to have a use for gumboots in my shoe collection again 🙂 My shoes nowadays consist of black school shoes, one pair of joggers, thongs, sandals, two pairs of flats, one pair of boots, converse, two pairs of slippers and basically the rest high heels 😛 I’m a sucker for them, even though I’m tall enough already!!
      I have not worn trakkies in ages- it is currently the start of autumn here, so I’ve not worn long pants in months! Wait, well, I did wear my yellow jeans about a month and a half ago, but it was one anomalous rainy day in the middle of a heat wave. So I’m looking forward to winter to being able to wear track pants once more, the comfiest of clothes!
      Hugs and kisses all around! I quite welcome those 😀

    • Hi, Neil.

      Thrilled to see you stopped by 1000awesomefriends.

      Your note’s addressed to the terrific gang of bloggers contributing to this site, but I must confess that you made my day by commenting on one of my posts. Thanks!

      From your blog and your books to your TEDx Talk and the positive community you built, there’s evidence galore that you’re awesome!

      As for the sweatpants-wearing party, wouldn’t that be a sight? I fear the fashion police would send paddy wagons to haul us all away. 😉

      But, I’m glad you reconnected with your sweatpants. Back in 2011, I blogged about Comfy, but ugly clothes, and the emails and comments I received afterwards shouted that sweatpants are beloved by many of us.

    • Hi Neil!

      May I just say thank you so much for starting something awesome so we could continue the awesome! 😀 Kudos to you and big love!

      So glad you like the site – I shall pass this message on to Nicholas who came up with the idea!

      Have a good’n (and I DARE you to wear your sweat pants to a formal meeting, muahaha!)

      Thanks for stopping by on the fly ~


    • Late to the party as always…. me, not you. Great to see you on here!

      I wish I could wear sweat pants to work. I’ve asked a couple of times if I could come to work in my PJ’s, but they won’t let me. 😦

  5. My dog pooped right on the side-walk the other day and I’d forgotten a “doggy-do bag”, but, I did have my very washable rubber boots on and so now for bot the cowgil and biker chic, they have a new name:
    Shit kickers! lol:)

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