# 918 Breaking Silence (Post by Wendy)

Post submitted by Wendy:


Newborn Baby

Cries of a newborn,

The crack of dawn,

“Breaking The Silence” by DL Photography

Rolling waves as they touchdown…
Leaves moved by a gentle breeze,
Butterfly taking a nectar drink,
Needle to record player in sync…

A flock of birds flight emerging,

Taking off after sunset

Kisses and increased volume of heart beats,
The gavel slam after jury deliberates…
Sudden snap, crackle, pops of a fire,
Gas lifting air balloon higher and higher,
Seed opens, ground breaks with a new flower…
“Surprise!” with guest of honor, entering the door,
“Could’ve heard a pin drop, ’til winning goal was scored,
Connection with pine cone on forest floor…
“Wows,” whispered, with wildlife communion,
“Hallelujah,” moments, exhilerated elation…
All in all, breaking silence, at times is totally Awesome!
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Lizzie is the lover of little things & has been described as zany, odd & "weird but in a good way" (whatever that means). She also finds talking about herself in 3rd person awkward. Liz enjoys most things revolving around the genres of fantasy & sci-fi & likes blogging, literature, writing, singing, music, culture & people. Lizzie is currently sharing the admin role with Nicholas for 1000 Awesome Friends , stemmed from Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things, to keep the awesomeness going. She welcomes all living beings to contribute their awesome thing/experience - she'd love to read them & keep the awesomeness going!

11 thoughts on “# 918 Breaking Silence (Post by Wendy)

  1. This was written by me on my birthday, just a few weeks ago.
    Breaking The Silence is also a new and very moving documentary in the world today.
    I searched for to find what I thought was the perfect photo of newborn crying and so wished it would have opened the post. Such as a tender, touching moment of new life. Thanks for trying Lizzie. Thanks for “breaking the silence” of this blog. This is the first image:

  2. Wendy what stunning writing!! And stunning photos you found too :)) Lovely to come back after weeks to read this beautiful post :)) Thank you so much! I’ll get on to writing my own soon, I’m just settling into year 12 atm 🙂

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