#917 Snowflakes & Mr Wilson A. Bentley (by Wendy)

Post submitted by Wendy:

Snowflakes are divine… each one as different as DNA.
Thank heavens for Mr. Wilson A. Bentley (one of the first known photographers of snowflakes from the 1800’s) who agreed, took the time to photograph, and left these precious gifts for us today.

There are no two the same…

Snowflakes: Photograph by Wilson A Bentley

Snowflakes: Photograph by Wilson A Bentley | (Click the image for more original photos!)

What more could I add or say… Awesome!


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One thought on “#917 Snowflakes & Mr Wilson A. Bentley (by Wendy)

  1. Wonderful! Especially since it snowed this past weekend where I live and I got to take my son out in snow for the first time to play.
    I’m loving the photograph! I think Mr. Bentley is worth a google search from me.

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