#925 The sound of heavy rain

Picturessssjjjj 174

Waiting for a bus in the rain.

It’s raining, it’s pouring.

Hundreds of litres of water being pelted at the ground, thrown at your roof, battering at your windows. If you were outside in the cold wind and rain you would be pretty miserable. But luckily you’re safe inside, rugged up warm in bed or working late into the night or sheltering under a bus stop after that big night out. Wherever you are, you aren’t getting wet; you’re warm and you can relish in that fact.

And how about chewing on this for a bit: Depending on the winds and ocean currents and temperatures you’ve experienced in your area, those tonnes of water could have come from anywhere in the world… Melted ice caps in Antarctica or the Arctic, a lake in Africa, a fish farm in South East Asia, a reef in Australia, a waterfall in Canada, a river flowing through a European city or from the leaves of a pot-plant of an old man’s house in Chile. The possibilities are endless when you can imagine the places that water has been, the things it has seen, the people it’s met, the streets it’s wet.


Rain puddle reflection

Something about the sound of heavy rain makes us wonder at the power of nature and take comfort in the fact that we are protected from the great elements while we are warm and dry. And there’s something about that sound, the steady drumming on the roof and windows that calms and excites us at the same time, making us feel…



Tea for one by dudu18 (deviant art)


8 thoughts on “#925 The sound of heavy rain

  1. OMG! I come back to this blog after a couple weeks and IT’S BACK!! And what’s more, my post is here :DDD I did have a drawing I did of waiting for a bus in the rain that I meant to send with this post, but ah well 🙂 Another day 🙂

  2. I could never just “like” this, because I REALLY LOVE this! The sound, the sights and all the senses, pouring rain arouses, awakens and cleanses!
    Well done, Emmy!

    p.s. I was never sure about reincarnation, but it seems a part of me has sort of died and come back as a horse! Not just any horse either!!!

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  4. I LOVE the sound of rain. I love to go out on my porch and watch it rain. I even like driving in the rain.

    I’m so happy that this is back up and running!! I’m also very happy that I can comment on this blog. I still can’t comment on Neil’s blog and its driving me crazy.

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