#924 Inspirational people or role models

I love to be around people who inspire me – like the team at 1000 Awesome Friends and the 1000 Awesome Things blog.

Not only that but I also thought about the reverse-side of this as well.

How awesome is it that we could be an in inspiration to another person?

You know that feeling you get when you become inspired? It feels amazing eh?


Left to right: Boyfriend, Me, Nephew, Niece. A crazy dance-photo of just some of the people who inspire me to live life and be a better person!

Once you’re inspired you get busy, life becomes somewhat like an uplifting cloud and you achieve what you thought you couldn’t because of that inspiration.

So if we feel like this when we get inspired, then imagine giving this to someone else by being an inspiration yourself…

It means that we could give someone (who could be going through a horrid time) hope, love, a new look on life or a new goal. It’s simply amazing and of course…


Artist: Najlagamber 

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About Lizzie|1000 Awesome Friends

Lizzie is the lover of little things & has been described as zany, odd & "weird but in a good way" (whatever that means). She also finds talking about herself in 3rd person awkward. Liz enjoys most things revolving around the genres of fantasy & sci-fi & likes blogging, literature, writing, singing, music, culture & people. Lizzie is currently sharing the admin role with Nicholas for 1000 Awesome Friends , stemmed from Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things, to keep the awesomeness going. She welcomes all living beings to contribute their awesome thing/experience - she'd love to read them & keep the awesomeness going!

25 thoughts on “#924 Inspirational people or role models

  1. This is great, Lizzy! Love the fun-filled photo!
    I can honestly say, of the Awesome movement… I will not ever tire, for those who share and bare their souls here and there, with hope and faith, for peace and harmony, ignite the passionate fires.
    “Like a bird on a wire,” not to merely exist, I truly strive to be more aliver and aspire to help other survivors.
    Nelson Mandella cried, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission and liberate others to do the same.”~ So Shine, shine, shine!
    And I am moved to let you all know what has deeply transpired… Your LOVE has lifted me higher, across continents, oceans; miles, cyber space and wires!
    I too HOPE, I have inspired!

    • Oh, Wendy… you are a very inspirational person. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me in my realization of my dream. One day, my dream will come true and you’ll be the first person I tell.

      • Awe, thank you! It’s good to have things to look forward to:
        I’ll be looking very forward to hearing all about your dream come true!
        YES! MY children and grand-babies have breathed life into me.
        “Don’t stop believing” and Abba’s “I have a dream,” have really helped me keep sight too…even when I couldn’t really see where I was going! Thanks everyone!

      • It is authentic You, Bekah, who taught me how to blog! Thanks for being one who inspird me to keep on trucking! Words could never express my gratitude!
        When I joined Awesomeland, you are literally one who helped save my life!
        You are an inspiration! THank you!!

  2. Great pic, Lizzie!!
    I think its my kids that give me the biggest inspiration to be a better person. They teach me to let lose and have fun.
    Its the people in the awesome community that has helped me realize that there are so many wonderul things in life and to not stress out so much.

  3. Awesome post at an awesome time, Lizzie! Hope you had a happy birthday.
    Grandma passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 95! What a full life she had, and as the family sat around the table in the evening, remembering her life, we couldn’t thing of a single negative experience. Truly an inspiration, one of those people who completely heal and restore your faith in humanity like no one else could. A life well lived, even in her inability to speak much in her final years… her life was a joy for us all.
    That last photo made me well up: To be inspired is great, to inspire is an honor. She inspires me still now, and I realize she didn’t have to do anything special to do that, just be herself, her wonderful self, day in and day out. Till the end she said her prayers faithfully, religiously. She always had chuckle, even when that twinkle in her eye had faded. In recent years I used to love telling her, as she had told me so many times before in my younger years “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” and she would always smile. Yesterday, when I told her that in hospital just hours before she passed away, a lone tear rolled down her cheek. I’m sure she heard me.
    I miss you, Grandma! Thanks for being an inspiration!

    • On a cold and blustery winter day
      Dear Grandmother’s soul floated away
      She left the world a better place
      Because of the smile on her loving face.

      I ❤ you, Grandma!

      • Oh wow, maybe it was meant to be…?

        All my love to you and your family, Nicholas. She sounds like a beautiful person and that she left this world leaving a positive footprint in your lives and hearts. She lives through you all now. I’m sure she’ll be watching over you too – and when that one little unique thing happens that only Grandma can do, you can be sure it’s her spirit looking out for you all.

        I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing this with us.

        Love and light xo

        P.S. Beautiful poem – I need to get some tissues now!

      • P.S.S Oh and thank you – I did have a happy birthday thanks. It was filled with music, fun and the people I care about :).

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