#927 The Olympics

Sports fan (like myself) or not, everyone loves the Olympics.

When the Olympics roll around, everyone has a heightened sense of patriotism. Especially in the great moment when your country wins. You can reach out and high five a stranger- you can share a group hug with a nation. And, when your national anthem starts playing, forget it.

Everyone sings along, loud and proud, united in their voices and their hearts. There’ll be some cheers and some tears. Everyone, for a moment, is together. Politics don’t matter, race doesn’t matter, social status doesn’t matter. You stand as one.


P.S. Hope everyone enjoys the Opening Ceremonies tonight, especially our friends in London and around the UK! Go Team USA! 🙂

Admin: Yes, the Olympics is over and done with for now, but this was such a great post that I decided to still post it up.


6 thoughts on “#927 The Olympics

  1. These are really special times! I remember Whistler very well! Just beautiful feelings, heart to heart, among all…in the mountains and valley’s; across waters and the universe! Reminds me so much of this:

    Thanks for this Olivia!
    btw, we still haven’t heard about your dream trip “home” to Italy:)

  2. Oh my goodness, hello everyone!! It’s been too long. My trip to Italy was one of the highlights of 2012 for sure. Italy was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and my #1 resolution is to learn Italian because it sounds so romantic and lovely. I know it meant a lot to my mom to see her aunts and uncles, many of whom are very old. AND THE FOOD oh my gosh it was beyond compare! All in all, I loved every minute and really want to study in Florence during college.

    • So exciting, Olivia! I too wish to visit the city where you wish you study and that is my middle name. I hear it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world! You describe it all as it is described in the novel, “Eat, Pray, Love.” I’d also love to be on the island where Mama Mia was filmed… would be a dream come true!
      Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Sorry guys – I should mention that on weekends I most likely won’t be able to post (unless I’m at someone else’s place with Interwebs). I’m working on finding a suitable plan for me to get Internet access regularly so that I can continue posting regularly. Is everyone cool with the way things are going at the moment anyhow? I’m always free to nag if something needs improving etc.

    • I think the casual, no pressure way encourages people to submit more. I don’t think there has to be a post every day, I think it’s more of a surprise if/when one appears. The muses seem to come alive and flow more freely also, this way!
      That’s my 2 sense anyway:)

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