#928 Re-purposing, Recycling & Getting Inventive

There’s always a double use for something! DIY projects are always an awesome and productive way of getting creative!

Up-cycled vinyl made into butterfly decorations.


Suddenly, a stack of old-magazines becomes a table when kept together with string.

A can of soup, without the soup, can be used as a cookie-cutter.

A cup-cake stand can be used to display knick-knacks or to stack whatever you want on it! Candles, keys, jewelry…

A chain can become a multi-purpose hanger when you place hangers down the links.

Wine bottles can be used for water jugs, vases, candle holders or you can turn them into lamps.

Beer bottle lids can become decorative magnets.

Mason jars can become so much more – wind around and attach a piece of wire and presto! You’ve got a lantern. Or you could make a string of lanterns and place the little bulbs from a string of fairy lights inside the jars, or even the LED pretend candles! (Yay lights and shiny things)

If there’s nails on the walls that you don’t wish to use for pictures, you can hang your jewelry, coats or hand bags on the nails that is great for storage and decoration…

Old buttons can be made into earrings by gluing them on to earring backings that you can get from a craft store…

The list goes on!

Oh yeah… Getting inventive and re-purposing things definitely is AWESOME!

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About Lizzie|1000 Awesome Friends

Lizzie is the lover of little things & has been described as zany, odd & "weird but in a good way" (whatever that means). She also finds talking about herself in 3rd person awkward. Liz enjoys most things revolving around the genres of fantasy & sci-fi & likes blogging, literature, writing, singing, music, culture & people. Lizzie is currently sharing the admin role with Nicholas for 1000 Awesome Friends , stemmed from Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things, to keep the awesomeness going. She welcomes all living beings to contribute their awesome thing/experience - she'd love to read them & keep the awesomeness going!

5 thoughts on “#928 Re-purposing, Recycling & Getting Inventive

  1. “Yay, lights and shiney things!” Fantastic! An innovative re-opening and grand entrance, Lizzy!
    I love the wall of old LP’s/CD’s. I’ve seen them in Orchard’s, hanging from tree branches to keep birds from nibbling on the fruits.
    Toilets, ringer washing machines and old work boots becoming lawn/garden planters.
    Brass frame “flower-beds”. Bath tubs into horse watering troughs.
    Plastic 6 can holders, re-crafted into giant snow flake decorations.
    Plastic gallon milk containers made into skeletons for Hallowe’en.
    Old cut off jeans sewn into funky purses!
    Antlers made into drum sticks, buttons and even medicine!
    You are not kidding, how the list can go on and on and on, especially if you arev particularly crafty, innovative and talented yourself!
    Let the FUN begin!

  2. I’ve been so obsessed with DIY lately, how fitting! I love this and I’m glad to see a new post on this site 🙂

  3. I have fallen so behind on these posts! My excuse is I haven’t been on my laptop where it is conveniently pinned on my toolbar. BUT I am here now. =)

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