#929 Neighbours that are friends

When we move into a new place, we choose a lot of things, size, layout, location, etc. But one of the things we don’t have much say over is who lives next to us or in our immediate area. What sort of people are living next door? What are the dynamics between us?

On a scale of one to five, the relationship could be any of the following:

Minus 1: yeah, this is the neighbour routinely blasting the music at 1 am, running a grow-op or otherwise totally disconsiderate. The one you’ve wanted to call the cops on at least once. Not cool at all.

1. The no-interaction neighbour. You know they’re there, they see you here, but no words or exchange going on. And sometimes you’re just not that interested in getting chummy with them either.

2. The Hi-and-Bye neighbour. Maybe a greeting, a smile, a wave, but you don’t really know their name or what they’re in to.

3. The first name neighbour. OK, you’ve introduced yourselves, and engage in small talk from time to time on the front path, but that’s as far as it goes.

4. Friendly neighbours. You’ve gone over for drinks sometimes, maybe even a BBQ. Maybe you watched the game with them a few months back. If your car’s making a noise, you can ask him what he thinks. If you bake extra cupcakes, you take some over. You know, basic neighbourly stuff.

5. Neighbours that are friends. You really click. Your kids hang out together. If you’re out of milk or you’re printer is out of ink, they’re always willing to lend a hand. You go out to events together. You shovel each other’s driveway from time to time. And when you’re on vacation, don’t worry, we’ve got the mail for you.

We have very little say over who will live next to us, but when we score a #4 or #5, it’s like the universe is smiling at us. It makes the home more homely, the neighbourhood more neighbourly. And it makes life that much more


Photos from here and here.

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About 1000awesomefriends

I am just one of the many who have been inspired by Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things to be better, to see the world as a better place, and to keep the awesome movement alive, as I think it makes the world a better place! We all have enough negative to hear about, what we need is a positive space, positive outlook on life. And I hope this blog will give us the chance to do it!

78 thoughts on “#929 Neighbours that are friends

  1. I’ve got a pretty cool neighbor. She’s hardly ever home and when she is, she’s cool. Yeah, she’s up late a lot and I can hear her tv, but its no that bad. I’m sure she can hear my baby crying in the middle of the night too. She loves my kids and asks us to come over to play the Wii.
    My other neighbors are a different story. I can’t say that I’ve had much to say to them in the past 5 years that I’ve been living there.

  2. I have some #3 neighbors right now. I’m looking forward to having #4 and #5 someday but I guess #3s are better than sketchy or mean neighbors. =/

    By the way, the photo for #5 warmed my heart. I think friendships across generations are a beautiful, awesome thing. =)

  3. I went for a run with my neighbor yesterday! Even though it was only once that kinda bumps that relationship to a #4, right? Too bad I’m moving and I won’t be able to continue that. =(

    • YES! Why oh WHY!!! I just returned from a 3 week journey without electronics and most I missed was you all here! I was so excited to see what’s been posted! We cannot have run out of Awesome’s! Matter of fact, I coulod write a book about my spiritual journey and all the awesome’s!
      *As for neighbors, can’t say much for most of ours right now! Other than they could put energy into something worthwhile such as volunteerism! We moved in late April and already have it up for sale because who needs the negativity!
      I know there’s no prefect world but I don’t think it’s too much to want for and need for and even participate in creating a wonderful world ~ and fine,fine neighborhood!* Likie Daniel Pinkwater talks about in “The Big Orange Splot!” and you’ve all talked about so poignantly here!
      *I sure hope we’re going to keep this wonderful blog going:)

        • I’d totally share if we could exchange emails b/c it wouldn’t make sense to, here!
          Maybe Nicholas could hook us up:)

            • I’ve had company all week. Soon I’ll be condensing the journal entries, symbolism of each wild animal I shared path with and all the wonderful messages from earth angels I was blessed to meet, including THE founder of Arts Umbrella, Vancouver, who I’d just seen a documentary on a while back! She and I shared some awesome time talking, walking and dining together. I’ll write when I can polish it best I can to deserve your ear:) Maybe I can make it “Awesome” enough to submit! Thanks for your interest and email address:)

            • YES! Thank you for your interest! I’ve had company all week but first chance I get, I’ll condense my journal entires and experiences/ email you my quest for essence and spiritual journey with Jesus:) AWE-mazing!
              Maybe I can make it worthy of an Awesome post?!*

  4. Still nothing? =( Is it just one person in charge of posting what people have submitted? I hope everything’s okay. =/

    • I was thinking the same thing…I thought I submitted several and know Emmy and Bekah said they had 2 ready to be posted soon. I do most certainly hope Nicholas is alright! I’m worried some…
      Seriously, awesome mates are my main reason I’m still on the inet:)

          • Maybe through Neil and facebook and twitter there should be a message to all his family/friends as well?!* It has been some time and he does visit remote areas…

            • …and this seems so out of character for Nicholas, don’t ya think?
              He asked Neil’s permission to start this blog when they met at #1 event, maybe Neil could assist?!

              • I’m not good at twitter and I don’t have time for face book but I’m sure other’s on here can help!!! As I mentioned before, maybe Neil has some contact information beyond what we do? Could assist b/c this does not seem at all like Nicholas!***PLEASE!!! Thank you!

                • Hmmm, I did write up a post for the 9th and he usually sends a reminder, but it didn’t come through this time. My post is there though… Just not uploaded.

                  He should be fine, I’m sure. 🙂

                • I still haven’t heard back from him through email and its been quite a while. I hope he’s ok. I don’t know any other way to get a hold of him. I’ll try to look him up on facebook and get back with you guys.

                • guys and gals….. it appears he is doing just fine and dandy. I haven’t gotten a confirmation on the friend request just yet, but it appears that something major and wonderful has happened in his life and he is probably just taking time out to enjoy it. I’m not going to tell you what it is. I’m going to give him the time to come back and tell you himself. No worries.

                • Yes, it would be awesome for him to let us know he’s dandy vs. the concern…
                  Thanks Bekah:)

        • Maybe he went on a vacation and thought he’d be able to acess the website from where ever he went, but then it turned out he couldn’t so he can’t do anything until he gets back.

          • Becca, this is a wonderful way to think, believe and will keep the faith this is the answer~ awesome good! Thank you:)

              • YOU KNOW Lizzie and you’re going to make us all wait?! Haven’t we suffered enough;)

                (ok i can wait.)
                GREAT to know all is well:)

                • well, sometimes I THINK i know stuff and the universe comes and siftly kicks my butt. Win some, lose some, sometimes get lost in limbo, but I could think of worse places to get lost….. couldn’t you?
                  Baby huh? well if Bekah’s right, guess we’ll soon know if you are too!!
                  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz think I’m tired

                • !!! Oh my god!! I just breathed many sighs of relief. I actually cried a little bit. I was feeling sick to my stomach as today marks a month since we’ve heard from him, and I was so so so worried and I thought I’d better check here, and then I find out it’s good news, whatever it is!! Oh God thank you thank you thank you! People may scoff and say “You’ve never even met them, how you care that much?” but we are a community on here and if someone’s in trouble, we’ll jolly well worry and pray! Many congratulations to Nick (I think??? ;D ) and SO glad everything is dandy!

                • Emmy, you are so right! We’re a community! Strongly united! Some people say it’s not real! I take offense and can now say with scoffing tone: “Read this and weep!”
                  EVERY time since my return, when my grand-son Noah, now 2, comes to visit, he walks straight to the stereo and sweetly states his hearts desire, “I want Emmy-Zosia. I want Zosia. Please Zosia songs! This one. This one! This one!!!” Waving *your cd* in his hand. While with other cds he typically tires, asking for them to be changed after 1-2 songs, he will dance, hum, sing some & play with toys while listening intently to “Emmy-Zosia’s” cd in its entirety! HIs dad plays electric guitar and heavy metal so you’ve got to love this!!! I know I sure do:)

                • <DDDDDDDD OMG that just made me smile soooooo much!! Omg I love Noah!! But just make sure he's pronouncing it right! Zoh-sha 😛 I don't know if you remembered that from one of my comments a while back, but ya 😛 Haha but awww that is so cute! Made my night, apart from the news that Nic is alright too! 😀

                • Oh, Noah is too cute, Wendy. Every time you talk about him I always read his name as “Woawa” because that’s how Zach says it-his best friend’s name is Noah.
                  Emmy-We’re all one big family. We care. We smile, laugh and cry together. We’ve shared so much with each other.

  5. Fabulous post! I love this. I’m at stage 3 currently, but when I was growing up I had my friend across the road and a friend two houses down the road that I used to play with. We’ve been friends for 16 years!

  6. Hi all – what do you think about Pinterest?

    I am a member and I find it heaps of fun. When you surf the internet, if you want to upload something to pinterest – like an idea, something awesome or a picture or anything really, they give you a pin “button” which is pretty much just a book mark on your web browser to upload onto your profile. So whenever you come across something, you hit “pin it” and it’ll pop up straight away with an option to pin to whatever board with whatever text you’d like to put in.

    What is even more cool is that you can create a group board where you, and other members who have been invited to join the board, can participate in posting to that board. So I think we should create an “Awesome Friends” board to have fun with while we wait for Mr Nicholas to get back into the groove again.

    Your emails will notify you of when someone posts, that’s the only annoying thing because if you get heaps of posts then you get heaps of email notifications. However I think there is an option to turn that off.

    What do you think friends? 🙂

    • Oh that sounds AWESOME Lizzie! ;D I’ve never heard of it before, but it looks like it could be a great idea- especially while Nick is away. I’ll join!

      • I’m on the flee again but when I’m settled will try. I have a daughter on the site…it’s so cool! She should be able to help me but if not I’ll take you up on your offer Lizzie and btw…Thank you:) I really felt we all had something extra special going on here and miss this community, so great idea too Lizzie!

  7. FIRST OF ALL: Emmy – lol you’re a funny one. Awesome chicky ;D

    AND I have created the board: http://pinterest.com/ioffendreason/1000-awesome-friends-group-board/

    You can find it there – but once you’ve joined let me know your username and I’ll add you in to the board so you can start pinning/posting/whatever you want to call it.

    If you have any issues let me know. I’m just wondering how you might email me, considering I don’t want to post it here… I know someone here has my email address, if anyone here does have it, feel free to pass it through our 1000 Awesome Friends/Things network.

    Big love to ya!

  8. Hi all! Give me your usernames and I shall add you in to start posting to the board. I see I’ve got about 20 followers, but I need your Pinterest usernames so that you can add stuff to the board as well.

      • Ya, it’s really sad:( Couldn’t we have taken over from here if Nicholas didn’t want to be bothered anymore? And while Neil Pasricha is re-running his awesome count-down, (and awesome it is), we had all brand new! I thought we had a really good thing going on and I miss it so…

    • You can join JT, Emmy and myself on the pinterest group board if you like. Just give me, JT or Emmy the link to your profile, then one of us will add you as a friend and can then add you on to the group board! It’s lots of fun :).

    • echos~

  9. *sigh* So, our blog has died… Nicholas, come backkkk :((

    I hope you’re okay….

    Anyways, just letting you guys know that I’m still hanging around, if anyone hasn’t forgotten this site.

  10. Hi everyone!

    I’ve recently had the pleasure to be in contact with Nicholas again! Yay!!!

    He said he was happy for me to tell you all that he has a beautiful, baby girl named Hannah.

    I asked if there was a chance the blog could be up and running again and he said that he’d be happy to hand over the authorisations of the blog to people/s and even contribute on a monthly basis himself if he can.

    What do y’all think? 😀

      • Best nooze I herd in daze!!! Jooly good timing!
        3 cheers for Lizzie!
        Congrats Nicholas and family:)
        You can count on me, so count me in!

        • OMG YAYYY!!! :DDDD Yesss I can’t wait to start up writing my awesome posts again!! I know I still can for myself, but there’s little motivation to actually create a piece of good writing unless I’m really really inspired or I have an obligation- and I at least have one of those now, or soon!

    • Hellew thar fellew frands and amazing contributors to Awesome Friends!

      Hope you’re all well.

      First thing’s first: Diddle. Hehe… Ah, gets me every time.

      Second thing: I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update you on the whole blog authorisations thinga-mah-jig, so I am just letting you know that as soon as I hear back from Nicholas (and his where abouts and doings) then I shall let you all know when things will be up and running again.

      Merry Christmas everyone, remember that this time of year is to spend time with family and friends and share love and peace together, but not everyone has that opportunity.

      A lot of negative thoughts and feelings can surface this time of year, so if you know of someone who is going through a difficult time or if they don’t have family and friends to spend Christmas with, it might be nice to give them a little gift or invite them over for a feed or to just hang out/chat.

      Merry Gritsmas peeps, have a lovely time and hopefully either before or after the new year this blog will see the light of day again lol!

      Lots of love, hugs and sloppy granny cheek kisses too you all.

      • Can’t wait to be alive and well here in Awesome Friends land!!
        PEACE, LOVE, JOY, HOPE and a BIG old sloppy grannie kiss to you all!
        And remember, Soul is home, so it best be a haven.
        Blessings xxxoooz

  11. HEY AGAIN!

    So I’ve heard back from good ol’ Nicholas and he said that it’s really easy to pass over the authorisations, SO PLEASE let me know ASAP if you’re interested in taking the reigns and I will let him know!

    YAYAYAY and thanks thanks thanks!

    Liz. xo

    • Lizzie, I can’t take the reigns but I’d most certainly be a regular participant and submitter…you have my word!
      Where are all the others who are seasoned bloggers/techies and said they want this blog to carry on?!?

  12. I’m interested in seeing the blog continue and I’d participate but I can’t be the one in charge of it. I’m not really a blogger and I know I wouldn’t be able to stay on top of things =/.

  13. Hi all.

    First thing’s first: HAPPY NEW YEARRRARRGHGHGHGGH!!!!

    Hope you all had a safe and grand celebration!

    I have some news, Nicholas has given me the reigns and I have been made the administrator! I don’t have Internet access at home but I can gain access through my phone which I can use as a hot spot, so I’ll try to stay on top of things!

    I think that we should just go with the flow on this and keep things relaxed and cruisey for the moment. Maybe just post whenever you feel like it and we’ll see how that goes yeah?

    I’m open to suggestions about the blog and schedules. 🙂

    Here’s to 1000 Awesome Friends! Woo!



    • Taking reigns are REALLY Grrreat!!!
      I just knew there was a reason the computer was calling me out of a slumber…for a huge adrenaline rush of the return of 1000 Awesome Friends!
      This feels as wonderful as it did when I discovered Neil’s blog, 3 new year’s ago~
      “Feeling it in my bones!”
      Lizzie, You are all things sparkly, dazzly and bright iridescent illumination!
      THANK YOU! I LOVE you girl! xoz

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