#932 A community coming together

Disaster can bring out the best or the worst in people. Thankfully these past few days have been full of neighbors helping neighbors.

We had a big storm roll through my area and it knocked out a lot of electricity in my region for about a week. That meant no AC in over 100 degree weather, food spoiling in the refrigerator, people going without a lot of things and so much more. Even people that are on oxygen machines were without.

The first day was rough. Everyone was panicking. The grocery stores and gas stations that had power were packed with people trying to buy things. The grocery stores ran out of food, ice and bottled water very quickly. A couple of gas stations even ran out of gas. Hundreds of places ended up throwing quite a lot of food away because it went bad; there was no way to keep it cold.

Then, the donations started pouring in. People with power opened their homes to those in need. Everyone was donating packages of bottled water for people that didn’t have any. Stores were giving out free bags of ice when they had some. One store around here isn’t set to open for another week, but they got a special permit so they could sell ice and generators.

Driving down the road, you could see groups of people moving a tree out of the way from a neighbor’s yard. Everyone seemed nicer, more courteous.

There is still quite a few without power and the weather is still blistering hot. Its nice to know that we can come together and survive. I’m always seeing on the news where a community has come together to help others after a tornado, a flood or even just a neighbor in hardship, but seeing it with my own eyes and being a part of it was


Photos from herehere and here.


7 thoughts on “#932 A community coming together

  1. I hope your family are alright Bekah. It’s absolutely wonderful when communities come together- you don’t usually talk, you don’t usually know all your neighbours, we’re less sociable these days within our local community with social networks and technology, but when something big and bad happens everyone becomes charitable and friendly and helpful 🙂
    Everything posted on this blog lately is in perfect timing and relating just right to me as well! While our whole Year 11 group was on Outward Bound just over 2 weeks ago, we were in the bush for 8 days and one of my best friend’s house burnt down. There’s 10 in their family, and they were all out of the house THANK GOD! It happened on Wednesday, two days after we left, and she only found out the following Monday when we came home. It’s amazing what our community can do; at one of the bakeries in town they have a donation box set up, there’s a number at the local paper you can ring to donate, and we had a cancer fundraiser planning at our school for a few months but they decided to split half the funds to go to their family, a week before we had the fundraiser. They were renting and the house had sold the day before it was destroyed, and yet the owners were very understanding, saying their insurance would cover it. They are now living in a big Retreat House out of town. It’s tough for all of them but I know our community can keep giving and working together!

  2. Inspiring post Bekah. I saw a lot of this during the floods here in QLD. Things like this can bring to like the do-gooders in the community for sure! 🙂

  3. My mom just got her power on Friday, 2 weeks without it. All her food was spoiled. Thankfully, neighbors kicked in and helped her out.
    It was just so heart-warming to see everyone helping each other out instead of hearing about people getting robbed or something. We all survived and we all have each other to thank for it.
    Hubby was at the fire station handing out water and non-perishables and giving people a cool place to go. I was calling family to come visit me for a cool place to go, after our power came on. I took some ice from work and took it to my grandparents and my neighbor.

      • Glad you like them!
        This was a great post, I feel strongly about this issue, having been on the ground in Manhattan on 9/11 and in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and organizing relief efforts in both areas, as well as coordinating assistance for Haiti after the earthquake.
        As you say, and I have seen first hand, events like these can really bring the community together and bring out the best in people!

  4. I LOVE this feeling! The authentic heart-beat of humanity…naturally~ LOVE!
    We’ve recently had floods and fires in our area. first andf foremost, it’s miraculous, nobody has been hurt and to hear/see people helping people, absolutely, Awesome:)

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