#936 When the TV show “listens” to you

Sometimes the show we’re watching is gripping and sucks us in. We’re on the edge of our seats, moving with the protagonists, jumping up and down, interacting with the on-screen characters.

So when they actually “listen” to you, it makes it even more awesome. When the judges select your pick on Dancing with the Stars. When Emily makes the choice you agree with on The Bachelorette. When Jeopardy questions and categories seem right up your alley.

“NOO, don’t go that way!” you holler from the couch. And just then, the hero stops in his tracks and turns down the alley as the bomb goes off where he would have been otherwise.

The contestant on The Price is Right opens the door you knew she should, and ends up winning big.

The player makes the play you yell out and scores!

It’s moments like that that strengthen your connection with what’s on the screen.

So jump higher, scream louder, get into the action and enjoy the feeling of


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I am just one of the many who have been inspired by Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things to be better, to see the world as a better place, and to keep the awesome movement alive, as I think it makes the world a better place! We all have enough negative to hear about, what we need is a positive space, positive outlook on life. And I hope this blog will give us the chance to do it!

6 thoughts on “#936 When the TV show “listens” to you

  1. I love it when this happens on the singing and dancing shows! It’s happened a few times for me with American Idol and So you think you can dance!
    When we rented and watched the entire set of “Lost”, days, nights and even sleeping dreams…( I confess, I dreamt of Sawyer), Yes, life became INTENSE!
    I think we may have lost touch with reality for quite sometime. We were certain to have seen characters while going about our daily business in our small town. Figuring out our next moves and strategies founded in, “Well, what do you think so and so would do?” And then a full blown discussion would be cut open about this guy and that girl and Jacob, Nikky, Ben, The Beast! Was it really them or somebody else? What do you think they should do next? That was SO stupid when!!! And yes, we’d find ourselves screaming into the jungles and forests at times! Did they ever listen? Hardly! I became so perturbed I had to leave the room a number of times, still rambilng at the stupid, stupid person who was now a major part of my life. I even cried when people hurt or died! Seldom did the notion of writer’s enter the picture…until it ended, abruptly and NOT THE WAY I TOLD THEM TO! And we were seriously LOST without them for sometime!
    *I know some people who rewrite the end, BIG WIN! BIG Awesome, every time:)

  2. Omg this is actually so awesome! I have one on my own awesome list saying “When you agree with all the judges on a reality TV show” and it does feel cool! My experience was with the Voice Australia 😀

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