#938 Saying Sorry

When you miss a beautiful date with the love of your life, when you trip over an elderly woman at the grocer’s, when your mum comes over after a few months and glances at your messy room, when your young nephew asks you to lasso the moon for him, when you arrive late at office and bump into your boss at the doorstep, when you forget to wish your dearest friend on their birthday, you wear an apologetic face and softly whisper:


Lo, they accept your apology with an understanding smile, warmth spreads all over your body. It’s just one word, but the feeling it creates is nothing short of


Photo from here.


19 thoughts on “#938 Saying Sorry

      • *THIS is the spirit here~ LOVE! Over here at 1000 Awesome Friends.org, we’re having a love fest<3 No question about it~ "LOVE Is a many slendored thing!"
        *LOVE you too!:)

        Now, I'm truly sorry if anyone finds this inappropriate but I must share this because this artist is truly amazing and I think we all appreciate this! I met this lady recently at a farmer's market and we made an instant soul connect! It was SO awesome, I promised to help her be aligned with amazing people from all over the world~ hope you enjoy!:)

  1. Aww wow, it really is a beautiful feeling. I had on my own awesome list “Reconciliation” because saying sorry and forgiving someone is a beautiful feeling and act in life, that we experience every day. Grudges=not awesome!!

      • Sorry if sounds negative but I’ve a question~ when it’s your anniversary and you are lovingly, whole-heartedly, preparing/planning a wonderful day, evening, night; said we’d spend the day fishing at an old favourite; sacred space, perhaps, and your “part-ner” takes off on his motorcycle instead, for the entire day, Smug and no sorry whatsoever and it hurts so bad because you must realize it’s over. *you’ll only be missing the dream that never was.* would you all give me permission to hold a wee grudge? Just enough to help me have the courage and strength to walk, once and for all out of this history. to create a life with a cup runneth over with love, for myself and the generations before and after me~ please and thank you, awesome friends!

        • I’ll be honest with ya. I hold grudges. I do. I’m not going to lie about it. Sometimes being angry is what you need. No one can honestly be happy all the time. The emotions are all there, sometimes you need to experience all them. We all get sad and angry and furious and depressed. Its ok.

          • Yes, it is healthy to express our emotions in healthy ways- SO true!
            Sorry would be welcomed with open arms. Sometimes a sorry is all we need! Sorry with action speaks volumes. When there’s neither *I* say sorry wiht sincerity to the other person for my part in the deserving/undeserving. And as I crank up the volume to Don Henley’s, “Heart of the Matter”, The Beatles, “Hey Jude”, Springsteen, Springsteen, Springsteen, I finally “Shout” Sorry, with compassion and forgiveness to oneself. Finally, I am incuded in all of this and my heart is wide open to receive the compassion! I am nurturing the things I am told by the allies I embrace, that I am fast. I am strong. I am bold. I am brave. My courage and strength are incredible. To say sorry, forgive self and take action to truly live this, this too is truly awesome:)

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