#939 Sleeping bags

For anyone who camps or hikes, sleeping bags are essential. Just unroll that bag and presto there’s an instant bed.
Opt for the mummy-style sleeping bag and you get extra benefits: bugs stay out and heat doesn’t escape from your head.

But even if you don’t enjoy sleeping outdoors, chances are you’ve wrapped up in a sleeping bag on at least one of the following occasions:

  • a sleepover in any number of places (e.g., a childhood friend’s house, a tree house, an indoor fort, a rooftop, a backyard deck, the back of a car)
  • outdoor sports games early in the season or late in the evening
  • stargazing
  • watching fireworks during long weekends
  • a picnic in a park or at the beach (as a substitute picnic blanket or just extra padding to cushion hard benches)
  • races at family reunions or parties (picture a potato-sack race, but you jump along in a sleeping bag instead)
  • zipping together a bunch of sleeping bags to swing or toss someone into the air
  • telling ghost stories while tucked cross-legged under a sleeping bag and holding a flashlight up to your face for extra eeriness
  • bringing home swaddled newborn babies (OK, those are bunting bags, but they’re pretty close.)
  • an overnight stay in a hammock (add a sleeping bag to keep you warm and protect your skin from waffle-like sleep lines squished by the hammock mesh)
  • waiting overnight for concert tickets, a friend’s flight to land, a celebrity’s arrival, etc.

Yes, sleeping bags are versatile.


My retro sleeping bag that weighs a ton.

If you were born before the 1980s, you would recognize the Woods, Coleman or Canadian Tire jobbies I used to own. They were heavy, drab-coloured, rectangular quilted bags with cold metal zippers and shoelace-like fasteners.

By contrast today’s sleeping bags are lightweight, more compact, better suited for extreme temperatures, and covered by water-resistant shells with Velcro fasteners. They’re also available in any colour imaginable, complete with silk-screened team logos, superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs or TV characters.

But why stop there? Creative types have designed all sorts of sleeping bags, including ones that go beyond the basic shapes. I especially like the tauntaun, Lego® and pizza ones shown on this list of Geeky Sleeping Bags.

Whatever style you choose, find an occasion to unzip a sleeping bag, wriggle in until your toes touch the bottom. Ahhhhhhhhh…now that’s warm, cozy and



17 thoughts on “#939 Sleeping bags

  1. I love my green, mummy sleeping bag!! It’s so cozy and brings back great memories of places traveled to and friends who I’ve camped with. =)

  2. Sleeping bags are indeed awesome, as I have experienced the whole of last week- but I won’t be wanting to get into one for a while now! Our -5 degree sleeping bags we were provided with on outward bound stopped us freezing every night. We just slept in our thermals and it even got hot! My friend has her mum’s retro sleeping bag and it looks so cool! And on that geeky sleeping bags website, the pizza one was deffo the best.

  3. I was looking for my vintage one on websites and too saw some pretty amazing and funny bags. Mine was made of kaki cotton on the outside and flannel inside with images of a family fly fishing at a river, their dog, campsite and forest. It had imbedded camp fire smells and memories like no other! Then my dog had to go and get sick all over it last year and I couldn’t get the stains out. Really groase! Whatsoever was wrong with the 100 sq. ft’ of vinyl and 200 sq. ft’ of wood flooring to get sick on…I don’t know! She just had to select my favourite sleeping bag I’ll likely never be able to replace again!
    Otherwise, Manolise~ agreed, sleeping bags really are awesome and your article on them is too:)

    • Thanks for your positive feedback about my post. Yes, dogs do have a knack for choosing the worst possible place to make messes. What a gross fate for your sleeping bag. 😦

  4. I didn’t have a sleeping bag growing up and now I have one that I have to share with hubby. Well..its actually two, but we zip them up together so we both fit inside. We only really use it about twice a year. My daughter has one and sometimes she sleeps in it just for fun.

    • That’s the novelty of a sleeping bag. Your daughter has the right idea, bekah, she doesn’t have to wait for a special occasion. Any time can become special just by crawling into a sleeping bag.

    • Glad you like 1000awesomefriends, Fiep. Some of those creative sleeping bags made me laugh. Imagine dreaming those up.

  5. This is a good one! Who doesn’t have fond memories of sleeping bags?
    My earliest recollections were sleeping outside on our balcony in the summer, the four of us kids. Then on family vacations. Good times indeed, good times!
    Thanks for this great idea!

  6. Sleeping bags work to trap stationary air within the bag itself whilst you sleep, using your body as a radiator to circulate warm air without releasing it. The best kind of sleeping bags are those with features that secure in this heat, whether that’s from an exceptional filling that lofts well, baffles that seal out every cold spot, or the impressive hood that traps in air near your ears and neck.`

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