#942 Finding smiles

Isn’t it nice when you walk past a stranger and you both exchange a smile? A smile is a great way to greet someone, to show that you’re happy and to show that you’re friendly.


If you have a friend in a bad mood, what’s the first thing you usually try to do? Make them smile. Smiles are the universal sign of pleasure, joy, happiness and amusement. It doesn’t matter if we speak the same language. If I smile, you’ll know why.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to find smiley faces in the world around us. I want to spread the happy.


So the next time you see a smile in an unexpected place, smile back because you know that’s just the world showing you that you are



10 thoughts on “#942 Finding smiles

  1. When I read this, I started looking for a smile in the room I’m in (besides in photographs). I found one in the wood grain of the wall!

  2. I love smiles! When Neil announced that #1 was anything you want it to be, mine was Smiling. It’s so sweet that you look for smiles everywhere. That is a very awesome thing to do. I never thought about looking for smiles other than on peoples’ faces, but now you have inspired me. Thank you Bekah!

  3. Ps… If you want to help me spread the happy and show off the smiles you have going. Take a picture and email it me smilesareeverywhere(at)gmail.com
    I will post them on my blog for the world to see.
    I didn’t really want to plug my own blog on here but finding smiles makes me happy and I wanted to share it with you.

  4. I see smiles 🙂 and as I mentioned to you Bekah, hearts<3 everywhere for many years! It's so incredibly awesome to share these S*Miles with the likes of you!
    There's nothing but good in all that you do so why not spread the happy wherever you can and grow the movement~ that's what it's all about…Smiles and Love really are everywhere! Go Bekah, GO! It's ALL GOOD! It's All Awesome:)
    p.s. your recent pic of little you smiling is adorable!
    Thanks for including the saw horses! They made my day then and again today:)

    • You need to start up the heart blog…or the love blog. 🙂
      I too see hearts everywhere. I see them almost as often as I see smiles. If you get it started, I can begin to keep a lookout and send you the hearts I see. I’ll spread the happy and you can spread the love!

      • How’d you learn I’m a master mind at the blog? I take it you saw the amazing “Inthelightofthedeep” blog I started that is taking the world by a storm……rather illusively, I might add;) I know you so friend-shiply offered to assist and you know what, one day I just might take you up on the Help:) ~Oh, “The Help”, btw~ awesome movie that will fill your Heart with Smiles=D

        *A month back I was in a place where many languages are spoken but when a smile was exchanged I thought, ~A smile connects us, is as universal as love and makes a small world after all! =D
        Awesome post!

  5. Emmy, I saw the wee smile at the bottom of the blog but can’t find where I mentioned it!
    Anyhow…isn’t it fun to find smiles…that’s my work/saw horse in the pic above:)

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