#944 Finally doing something you’ve always wanted to do

If you’re reading this, that means that I’m on the plane coming home from Italy. We’re going to visit our extended family there. It’s my first time leaving the US and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been waiting for this since I was four years old!

It dawned on me that it’s really great to do something you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do. Your bucket list is the most satisfying of all to-do lists, and finally checking something off is really great. It makes you happy to know you’ll never forget this moment in your life

Part of it is the anticipation leading up to this big event. Counting down the days and not being able to sleep because you’re so excited! Part of it is also stopping to think that you’re finally doing it.

You’ve been dreaming of this your whole life.

You’re finally here.

And it’s


Photo from here.


5 thoughts on “#944 Finally doing something you’ve always wanted to do

  1. Every 5 years I make a list of things I want to do before my next birthday 5 years from then. When I turned 20, I made a list of 25 things I wanted to do before I turned 25. I got about 10 of them finished. On my 25th birthday last year, I made a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. I already have 3 marked off and am working on marking off 3 more very soon!

  2. I have a short term and a long term bucket list, with the short term one pertaining to the season. So this summer’s bucket list includes: Read the classics, tie dyeing, improve vocabulary, practice Italian, baking, trips to Six Flags, campfires, etc. Long term is stuff like travel, hot air balloon ride, studying abroad, meeting my heroes, dream job… but I like your way of doing it Bekah! Might have to make an 18-before-18 type of thing

  3. Olivia, However did I miss this one! Please do tell us all about your adventures in Italy upon your return to America! Magnifico!
    Something I’m doing very soon is going to be life changing forever and eternally. As long as I am protected by the gaurdian angels I believe in, I’ll finally be seeing the other side of walking out of the history I’ve been doing diligence for since I was three! Well, perhaps more consciously since I was 4 but definitely more cognizantly a participant since 23-24 years of age! It’s taken me this long for a number of reasons I can see clearly now! This is no easy feat and I’m going for it:
    *For my ancestors who pioneered, my children who endured, my grand-children who are the future and because I finally believe I deserve!!! I am as frightened as I am excited. I leave on the trek soon! Please think of me as much as I’ll think of you. Keep the smiles and love close to heart. When you believe, dreams really can come true! I hope to be free enough to follow suit.
    Bravo to all of you!

  4. I just have one more thing to say…then I’m going to hit the hay…
    Zippity-do-da, zippity-eh, I tried Zip lining yesterday, Sunday and it was~ drum roll please~ AWESOME!

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