#943 Spare keys

How many of you have locked your keys in your car? Or shut your house door the same moment you realized you locked you keys inside?

Well, my friends… just reach under your “Welcome” mat or inside that that fake rock. Get that extra key out of your wallet or call up your trusted friend that has a spare. No need to call a locksmith to let you in today. You were the smart one who went and had extra keys made for situations like these. You spare keyswere the one who prepared. You don’t have to try to climb through the second story window of your house or scratch your car up with a clothes hanger trying to reach in through the cracked window.

You just saved yourself a lot of trouble and maybe even some embarrassment and at that moment it’s more clear than ever that spare keys are



5 thoughts on “#943 Spare keys

  1. Timing couldn’t be better in your posting, Nicholas. I had seriously just talked to a girl that I work with. I asked her why she wasn’t here on Tuesday and she said because she locked herself out of her house Monday night and no one had a spare, so she just spent the night at her moms house.
    PS…those are all my keys in that picture. There’s a few more that I have on a different key ring that I leave at my house. It has spare keys to other people’s house on it.

  2. YES! Impeccable timing! Yesterday I was cleaning out my heavy purse and thought, why do I have this other set of keys in here? They could not be helping…then I got distracted by a phone call. Later, my husband and I jumped in the truck to go somewhere and he said, *@#!-*+#&%! and I said, VOILA! and he was happy shocked! So awesome:)

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