#949 Parades

Where I live, we have parades for almost every occasion. We have parades for almost every holiday, a veterans’ parade, sports parades and so much more.

I took my daughter to her first parade 3 years ago. It was so cold. She loved seeing all the different floats and waving at everyone. She loved catching candy that was tossed out and just had a blast. She can even still tell you about it.

Now, though, she is the one in parades waving at bystanders. She plays softball and gets to ride in decorated trucks through town.  

lilly in parade 2                     lilly in parade

Do you remember your first parade? How about your favorite, most memorable parade? Does where you live have different kids of parades?

Everyone, no matter what age, can get together to enjoy a good parade because everyone knows that they are



4 thoughts on “#949 Parades

  1. We only have christmas parades in our town. And I think i;ve been to it about 3 times in my life. I need to go more!

  2. I’ve only been to a Chridtmas parade once and that was with my daughter a couple years ago. It was the one I wrote about.
    We have been in a Christmad parade once as well. We were riding in one of the fire trucks.
    I can’t wait to take my son to one!

  3. I used to go to a big one in Vancouver called the PNE parade. My oldest sister was baton and tap dance for the band through Evelyn Ward school of dance. She was even on t.v. once:)
    OK. Back to parades… was once last minute entered in a parade. I don’t rememeber why or what the parade was even for, but I was dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, on a gold/bronze tone and no offence American’s, but I felt like a total idiot! Silver is more my metal:)
    Santa Clause parades are SUPER FUN- been to a few!!!
    But I still have to say the best parades I’ve ever seen are in Disneyland. Back when they had the electric light parade, “in the dark”, …I do believe Cinderella’s dress alone had over 1000 little lights…now that’s some awesome!!!

  4. In my small town we have 2 parades. One is in the summer to celebrate the summer fair, and the other is at the beginning of December to celebrate Christmas!

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