#948 Re-finding a favourite book or blog after a long time

Sometimes you really get into a book or blog and you’re hooked, waiting for each new page or post. You’re an avid follower and it becomes a regular part of your daily routine.

Then something happens, you lose it, it loses you, you lose touch, you forget the link. You feel the pain, feel the loss.

Then all of a sudden, one day it’s back, you find it, you fall in love again!

I think we can all feel that a little now that 1000 Awesome Things is back for a second round


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About 1000awesomefriends

I am just one of the many who have been inspired by Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things to be better, to see the world as a better place, and to keep the awesome movement alive, as I think it makes the world a better place! We all have enough negative to hear about, what we need is a positive space, positive outlook on life. And I hope this blog will give us the chance to do it!

4 thoughts on “#948 Re-finding a favourite book or blog after a long time

  1. AWESOME! Go Neil!!! I love 1000 Awesome Things and I love our community of 1000 Awesome Friends. Thank you so much Nicholas 🙂

  2. I am so excited that this is what Neil chose to do. I was expecting a book it something. I would have been excited and happy with a book but having his blog back is really awesome!

  3. I’m a dreamer, a silly little dreamer, so I was expecting SO much more! Oprah, Ellen, A talk show, a movie! All the things our Canadian Reader’s Digest mentioned about Neil, when I learned about Awesome, around #340: Feeling it in your bones. But it’s better to dream than be a cynic.
    And the 4 more years, with contests and stuff, as long as he’ll let me, I’ll take it!!!
    We can use all the life-saving positivity we can get in the world today. All the supportive, unconditionally loving friendship’s we can find along the way! YES! Thank you Nicholas and all you A-1 Awesome friends for this leg…continuing the journey:)
    A-W-E-S-O-M-E F-R-I-E-N-D-S! Awesome Friends, Awesome Friends, Forever let us hold our banners high… high, high, high…WHY? Because, we LOVE YOU!!!
    (sorry guys, residual effects from Disneyland in the blood now:)

  4. Yes! I haven’t gone to the website for a while because there were no more posts. But now I can start visiting again!

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