#952 Personalised classic games

Have you ever tried making a classic game and adapting it so it means something to your friends and family? How funny would it be to play pin the tail on your boss or teacher? And how sweet would it be to have ‘Top Trump’ cards of all of your friends and their favourite things?

You can’t buy these kind of games in stores, these fun ideas come straight from happy, funny, amazing memories. How about making a ‘Monopoly’ of all the places you have visited with someone, or a ‘Guess Who’ of your family members or a ‘Trivial Pursuit’ of you colleagues to get to know each other better?

They are so much fun to make and will be enjoyed by everyone who is represented in their favourite classic games. These are great as personalised presents, you could bring it to your child’s party and watch them travel through ‘Candyland’ seeing their family as the characters or you could bring it into work one day and watch people laugh as they figure out which of their ‘Cluedo’ characters ate the last piece of cake.

Playing games brings people together, and what better way to celebrate the wonderful people around you than to make a game about them.


Photo from here.


5 thoughts on “#952 Personalised classic games

  1. I’ve never done this. I’ve never even really thought about it. It sounds like a great idea too. I might see if I can get something together for here at the office to play on our party days.

  2. I used to remake board games when I was little. I remember painstakingly reproducing a Monopoly set in travel size, complete with tiny property cards and Community Chest cards written and drawn by hand. I think I still have it some place at my parents’…

  3. I like some of the ideas on the post! My brother and I used to add our own Community Chest and Chance cards to our game of Monopoly. And when I play with my family my game piece is still a little toy hamster that has a white curl sticking out from its forehead.

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