#955 Finishing

You’ve finished the essay, finished the race, finished the exam, or finished the monologue in front of a crowd of people. It wasn’t easy, and there were times you thought you would fail, but you didn’t. You conquered the mountain. You finished.


Posted by becca.

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About 1000awesomefriends

I am just one of the many who have been inspired by Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things to be better, to see the world as a better place, and to keep the awesome movement alive, as I think it makes the world a better place! We all have enough negative to hear about, what we need is a positive space, positive outlook on life. And I hope this blog will give us the chance to do it!

21 thoughts on “#955 Finishing

  1. I love the feeling of finishing any task. Finishing cleaning the house and finally being able to sit down or cleaning off my desk or even finishing a book is always such a great feeling.
    My big one today is finishing driving. I swear I drove about 4 hours total today with both kids in the car and my cat acting up. It sure is wonderful to be home now.

  2. Although I do love it when the paper is well graded, taxes are completed, the house is sparkling, the car is shining and I smell clean, I can equally enjoy baking the cake as eating it too!
    The process of building something, such as a house, a business; growing a plant, tree, *A Child…and dreams come true in life*… I have to say, I enjoy the process and journey, sometimes even more than the finish…..because the finish means an end and the end to a means.
    I do get how a finish can be rewarding but just saying…..:)

  3. I love finishing things! Nowadays I don’t have many fun things that I can enjoy the journey on, so finishing something is always awesome! I finished my piano exam a few weeks ago and got a B thank god! finished my exams the other day- thank god! I finished my Cross-stitch that I got when I was 8, then picked it up again this year- it was relaxing making it, but it awesome to be able to say I finished!

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