#958 Blanket forts

You’re 7 years old, just sitting on the couch watching your Saturday morning cartoons.

Suddenly you get this idea to grab all the blankets and pillows from your bed. You diligently lillytentwork, stretching a blanket from under one couch cushion across to a chair. You hang other blankets on the ends so you can have some privacy. Throw in some pillows. Finally, you step back and admire your work. You’ve made yourself a fort, a house, a hideout, a place for just you.

I remember when I was about 6, my 2 older brothers and I took ALL of our stuffed animals and pillows and made a wall in the hallway door. It took us all morning to get it done. We had to climb on each other’s backs to get the top finished. After we placed the last stuffed animal in the last little hole, we all took a good run right through the wall. It’s not the same as a blanket fort, but sure was fun.

I like to surprise my kids with blanket forts. I’m not very good at building such a wondrous piece of art, but my kids love it all the same. Having your own little hideout that you made yourself (or your mom) is



One thought on “#958 Blanket forts

  1. I love to make blanket forts! So much fun!
    I designed and stitched a table tent fort for my grand-children for hours of fun! Imagination is bounderless:)

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