#957 Waking up to Happy Birthday texts

Tomorrow is your birthday. You try to make sure you go to bed early tonight to make sure you are able to stay up as late as possible to fully enjoy your day.

The next morning, you wake up, another year older and still feeling great. You pick up your phone and see it. You have some text messages, emails and other notifications waiting. Your best friend, your brother, and even that girl you occasionally talk to at work sent you a text exactly at midnight. At the exact moment it became your birthday day, some people recognized it and stayed up just to be able to wish you a happy birthday.

Yeah, phone calls are better than texts when it comes to birthday wishes, but to know that someone was thinking of you and waiting for the right moment to tell you happy birthday, surely is


simone bday

laura bday

wendy and Emmy bdayjayne bdayCJ bday


4 thoughts on “#957 Waking up to Happy Birthday texts

  1. Happy Birthday Bekah!!!

    I agree, totally love that feeling, or for those on Facebook, when you get tons and tons of people leaving birthday messages on your wall, that feels special too, a gift in and of itself 🙂

  2. Aw how special 😀 I always leave facebook messages of happy birthday to people, and it always makes me feel amazing when I come back to about 50 of them on my wall 😀 Hopefully I’ll come back at the start of July to find heaps of birthday messages for me!

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