#959 Flirting

Everyone wants to be wanted.

Whether it’s the handsome young guy you met at that concert, the pretty woman you sit next to in university lectures, the charismatic man you see on the bus each day, or the young lady serving you coffee, flirting makes us feel good. We put our charms or our beauty out there to see if they’ll take the bait. If they do, then it’s a win-win situation: They feel wanted, you feel wanted, and you might just get a date out of it too if someone takes the plunge and asks for the other’s number (Viewer’s discretion is advised: flirting with others is not okay if you already have a partner).

Flirting makes us feel like we are attractive beings that others respond to. It pulls on the heartstrings of our insecurities and gives us a small pick-me-up to last the day, until you have another bad hair day or a sick day tomorrow.

It’s the short-term sure-fire way to make you feel better about yourself and make the other person involved feel good too. So wink, smile that cheeky smile, get interested, and get your flirt on!


Photo from here.


15 thoughts on “#959 Flirting

  1. I try not to flirt with anyone other than hubby nowadays. Sometimes when I try to flirt with him, he’ll say, “What’s wrong with you?” and then laugh at me, playfully.

    • That’s cute. I only flirt with my partner as well, s’how it goes! But I hate it when people mistake me being nice to flirting – they take it as a chance and meanwhile I’m thinking “WOAH WOAH HEY – calm down!” D:

      • Haha well I guess I, being an almost-16-year-old, have more opportunities for flirting than you with husbands/partners already, but you can still have fun when you’re married 🙂

      • Exactly! Just because you’re being nice does NOT mean you’re flirting. Come one guys! Just because I say thank you with a smile does not mean you can turn around and ask for my number. See this ring on my finger?

  2. So what if you’re in a relationship “with” a flirt and the happenstance chance somebody comes along and starts to flirt wth your empty heart and soul…no matter their age, it feels pretty dang awesome too and I think it’s fair game…especially for an old gal like me:)

    • YES! I’m back! And Happy Birthday Bekah! You’d best have had yourself an awesome birthday, celebrating beautiful, wonderful, special YOU!!!

      • Yay you’re back!! Been missing your comments around here 🙂 And yes, happy birthday Bekah! THAT’S who it was that had a birthday today- I was trying to remember who I’d been talking to whilst celebrating mum’s birthday this morning 🙂

        • Oh, thanks you gals! Today is still young and its hard to tell where the day will lead. Good to see you back Wendy! How was vacation? Did you eat Trix while you were here? Emmy-happy birthday to your mom!!

          • YES! As a matter of fact, it was the first thing on my itinerary…locate Trix and I ate them every day; should’ve brought a suitcase full home!!!
            The new sections, I could leave alone. What has remained original, I found myself deeply moved, engaged and lost in the magic! It was enchantingly wonderful, so much when I discovered a log cabin, I just wanted to move right in:)
            My favorites:
            It’s a small world:

            and this one:
            Highlighted by being able to see my 6 year old grand-daughter’s eyes sparkle and aura shine iridescence… there are no words for the experience.
            And one evening, the sly fox from Pinocchio took her by the hand, she looked at us, I said, “I don’t know if you should trust him,” he stopped, turned and shot daggers at me, (very funny), then carried on with her, slid down by a planter, hiding her away, well, he took her breath away with laughter- a highlight, for sure!
            The fire-works on the last night are to music and a story, so awesome. “Baby of mine,” song was playing and right in front of me, this little baby-child took her mommy’s cheeks in her hands, brought their faces and noses together…(you know what I’m saying I hope), and tears ran! “When you wish upon a star, and when you believe,” was the story with the fire-works…then tinker-bell flew through the air, right over the castle, and I completely lost it! A sensational finale it was! Ansolutely magical. I wish everyone everywhere could experience the love and magic.
            Emmy, think you will be having a birthday with your new flirt at outward bound…the 26th. is it? If so, will send wishes now to you too! HAve yourself a great time and a very Happy Birthday! xoz

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