#961 Remembering a dream after waking up

Somewhere in our brain there lies a world of limitless possibilities, wild and wacky creations, odd experiences, heart-breaking letdowns, heart-pounding adventure. A creative combination of old friendships, new experiences, real sounds and unreal sensations all magically blended into one. The realm of dreams is often leagues beyond the best of Hollywood or Bollywood. In that nebulous world between sleeping and waking, anything is possible.

But it’s a strange kingdom that often melts away like snow on a hot surface when we wake from our slumber. That’s why when we actually remember one of our dreams after getting up, it’s like peeking through an open door into a place we sometimes would like to go, but just can’t.

So the next time you’re able to tell someone “you’ll never believe what I dreamed last night,” relish in the moment, treasure the memory, because the feeling is just


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16 thoughts on “#961 Remembering a dream after waking up

  1. I’ve been having some crazy messed up dreams lately.
    I usually don’t have any problem remembering dreams. The problem I do have is, I can’t forget them. I can still tell you about a dream I had back when I was 10. I was surfing with the cast of Saved by the Bell in a sporting good store. We weren’t surfing in water, we were surfing over the merchandise.

    • Hahaha, sounds like a fun dream! I can still tell you the dream I had about three times when I was probably 4 or 5- I was in a forest, when this scary queen-witch dressed in black was in front of me, and then the scene changed and I was looking at this waterfall with all these mermaids at the very top, all sitting on pillows. The pillows kept almost falling down, so they had to put them back on top of the waterfall edge, and the king and queen had the biggest pillows 😛 The strange things I dreamed about back then.
      I often really cool dreams, like in ordinary places but really cool things happening, or they’re a bit weird. I don’t get nightmares, just dreams that when I wake up and can vaguely remember the feel of them, I realise were pretty creepy.
      Also, after I hit the sleep button on my phone alarm for 8 minutes more sleep, I often go to a half-asleep state, and I still dream then! Those are pretty cool, coz I think it’s a reasonable, real situation but then I get jolted out of it when the alarm sounds again 😛 Happened to me this morning, and I remembered the last thing i said in the dream but now I can’t :/
      Also, I’m rambling a bit, but did anyone else notice that we didn’t have any new awesome things for about two/three days?? D: Never has that happened before!!

      • I dream like that sometimes. Where I’m half awake, half asleep. Most times though I dream about waking up and then when I do wake up I’m all confused.

        • Ha I see those dreams played out in movies all the time but I’ve never dreamt that! My most common dream that I remember, the ones most like a nightmare to me, is somehow having the only toilet in the open in a room full of people, or behind a tiny half wall that you can see over, and me needing to go.
          Annnd ahhh, maybe that’s it! That does explain a lot 🙂

          • I’ve had the weird toilet dreams too! Most times though its me trying to find a clean one to use in a room full of hundreds of dirty ones just out in the open.

            • Haha well once I had a dream that we were at this school function with all my classmates from primary school there and most of them were outside, and the only toilet was in the main room inside, out in the open, where no one was, but all the walls were glass. And I had my period :/

              • You 2 are Hilarious! No doubt tomorrow I’ll wake up and remember “THE ONE” about toilets. I just hope the bed is dry;)

        • Hi, so you noticed, eh? Yes, it’s not too bad when there is a full roster of contributors and I just line up the posts, but for now there are still a lot of gaps, meaning more posts to be written.
          I think we’ll still keep doing weekends, but hopefully we can fill in the roster of contributors so all days are covered. And for now hopefully you can write up a few extra posts to make it easier.
          We’ll try not to leave you hanging too much… 🙂

  2. I like to remember my dreams and explore their meanings at times with a seemingly pretty awesome-accurate dream dictionary! There are apparently even people who do this for a living; help people make sense of their dreams b/c they say, the dream state is the place we try to work the awake stuff out.
    In Bekah and Emmy’s case, I personally think that all DEPENDS: http://www.depend.com/products/get-samples

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  4. Omigoodness I still remember some of the dreams I’ve had when I was little! The Big Bad Wolf was tickling me to death, a vampire chased me through a grocery store that was situated inside my house and a killer whale chased me up a never-ending staircase! Oh and I can’t forget the magical merry-go-round that went around so fast it flung me off, high into the sky and then on to the giant slide that dipped so deep that I was flung into the air once again and landed and woke up with butterflies in my stomach! OH AND THE ZOMBIE DREAM I HAD RECENTLY… Man… I can totally relate to this. How awesome! =D

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