#963 The arrival of a much anticipated sports event

Stanley Cup Finals, NBA playoffs, Euro Cup, London Summer Olympics, a true bonanza for sports lovers everywhere…


Photo from here.

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7 thoughts on “#963 The arrival of a much anticipated sports event

    • You better believe it! A great start already with Poland-Greece, looking forward to some exciting action.
      Having lived in Spain for a few years, that’s who I’m rooting for. What about you?

      • Me too!! I love Spain. Being a big Arsenal supporter, I decided to go with the team that my favourite player at the time, Fabregas, plays for. He’s still one of my favourite players, but he’s no longer on Arsenal 😦 I also am from Spain a long way down the line of descendants. I bet on Spain for the World Cup and my brother who put on a bet for the Netherlands was very unhappy when we won in the final 🙂 It was so exciting. I hope Spain prove to be as amazing this competition. If they win, they will be the first team to have won the Euro, then World Cup, then Euro. I really hope they win 😀

        • Spain didn’t win today, but Fabregas scored!! I think they’ll still be fine to get out of the group. So exciting 🙂

  1. I’m not a sports enthusiast except when it comes to the Olympics, particularly the winter Olympics (though summer’s pretty good, too). I’m mesmerized by those cold weather sports which just look so ridiculously difficult: ski jumping, luging, ice skating…WOW! I always enjoy watching the Olympics, though I know none of the competitors nor do I understand much about the sports. Must be very exciting for our friends across the pond to be hosting these summer Olympics! ~Kathy

    • Ditto! Although many people were and are p.o’d with $ and dynamics and and and … Whistler, Canada was spectacular!!! =D
      Exciting~ I can only imagine!!!

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