#964 Embarassing baby pictures

 Everyone’s got at least one baby picture that is a little embarrassing. Are you wearing your mother’s high heels and pearls or have make up smeared all over your face? Maybe yours is the naked baby bathtub photo that makes you blush just a little if friends see it. Or were you the kid in the pictures sitting in a mud puddle with worms hanging out of your mouth?

I love looking at pictures of who I was before I knew who I was.

My favorite one of me is I’m sitting on my potty chair, with bed-head hair, black eye shadow going all the way around my eyes, bright red lipstick around my lips and a pull up around my ankles. I’m wearing my brother’s red Bart Simpson shirt with two balloons stuff down inside and a huge smile on my face. I looked like a raccoon clown. What ever provoked my mother to take this picture is beyond me, but it sure makes a great embarrassing baby picture.

Cute baby pictures are also great. We are all very familiar with the adorable bed-head baby that makes its regular appearances 1000 Awesome Things. Looking at baby pictures and saying, “AW!” is what baby pictures are all about.

I love to take pictures of my kids sleeping. That’s when they are most angelic. Eyes softly shut, mouth wide open and in a very interesting position. On their stomach with their behind high in the air or laying on their back, arms behind their head and legs folded.

Pictures of messy kids, sleeping babies, playing children are all so very



zach eat toeszachinbath



5 thoughts on “#964 Embarassing baby pictures

    • I was looking forward to the bedhead baby pic too. You know it’s a good post when you get sucked in, because the author built up your anticipation. 🙂

  1. It was Easter, I was very young. Mom said I could have one piece of chocolate, but I ate another one when she wasn’t looking. She suddenly decided to take a picture of me and I hid the evidence behind my back quickly. I didn’t know if she caught me until I saw the picture later; I was sitting on a chair, hands hidden behind my back, guilty expression… and chocolate evidence smeared across my face.

  2. No pics of me but do have some awesome ones of my daughter’s and step-children while they were growing. The ones you posted here, Bekah, are BIG SMILES…AWESOME!

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