#965 Inspiring generations to read

Long before we had blogs, Google, flickr and Tweets,
Dr. Seuss introduced us to Blogg, Yertle, Once-ler and Kweets.

Along Mulberry Street and Pompelmoose Pass too,
down to Who-ville and over to Solla Sollew.

He showed us odd kingdoms, near and far,
fed our brains and created characters bizarre.

Scores of nonsensical creatures and wacky names
he shared through tongue twisters, dare we say, games.

We’ll forever associate him with Thing One and Thing Two,
The Cat in the Hat and Cindy-Lou Who.
Horton, Thidwick, Sneetches and King Birtram,
The Grinch, Marvin K. Mooney and Sam-I-Am.

Newbies and die-hard readers can’t resist his bestsellers.
Those “Beginner Books” even helped us be better spellers.

Through his deliberate rhythm and whimsical rhyme,
Dr. Seuss delivered clever edutainment every time.

He invited us to McElligot’s pool, the circus and zoos.
Yet mixed in with the fun, Seuss rewarded virtues.

Born Theodore Geisel, he went by Rosetta Stone and Theo LeSieg.
But it was as the beloved Dr. Seuss that he carved out his own league.

He made outrageous drawings with bold splashes of colour,
and he changed kid’s lit; pre-Seuss books just seem duller.

He earned degrees, a Pulitzer Prize and countless awards.
Now posthumous tributes still pour in by the hordes. 

From there to here, from here to there,
Dr. Seuss influences people everywhere.
For encouraging our imaginations to blossom,
readers around the world hail him as…


A reading of the Seussian classic I Can Read with My Eyes Shut.

Photo from here.


10 thoughts on “#965 Inspiring generations to read

  1. Love this one! I ADORE the poem format of this post 😀 How long did that take you to write?? And I’ve seen Horton Hears a Who and The Loraz both on video hears ago and in cinemas in the past few years, and they never get old! Thanks for this 😀

    • Good question, Emmy.

      Short answer: actual writing time totalled only a few hours, especially once I gave up on striving for even meter throughout the post.

      The truth is the poem brewed for much longer. Nearly two months from the time the idea struck me to submitting the post above. I was inspired to write it when I visited San Diego in April. I wrote the four opening lines more than a month ago. Between then and now, I spent time researching extra info about Dr. Seuss, fussing over all the cool stuff I had to leave out for fear of making the poem way too long, and searching for a video to accompany the post. Thanks to Nicholas who added the book cover collage.

  2. Wow woman you did well. I think that we need a copy for two little granddaughters to enjoy in later years!!!

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