#971 Trading lunches

Ok, I’ll admit it, I hated apples as a kid, but they still served them in the lunch room and my mom still packed them in my lunch bag. The peel always got stuck between my teeth and they were always too sweet or not sweet enough.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love apples now, but when I was 7 they didn’t seem that appealing. Of course every food has its own little scoring system and it’s different for each person.

For me, pudding was at the very top, followed by cookies, followed by Jello and so forth until the very bottom…….apples. I’d spend my first minutes of lunch scanning the crowded tables for something better. I’d spot some carrots and applesauce and even some candy every once in a while.

Negotiating is a fine art that you learn early. I had to convince the kid across the table from me that his pudding was in some way defective and that my apple was better, but I’d be more than happy to take it off his hands if he wants to trade. Not so very often there would be a kid just like me looking for an upgrade from their own lunch and I’d get lucky. Here I am holding my bruised apple and there’s another kid with a baggy full of jelly beans that he doesn’t like. Victory is mine!!

Trading lunches in school, or even at work, so everyone is happy with their meal…


Photo from here.


One thought on “#971 Trading lunches

  1. There’s also this guy at work… oh, he’s a piece of work. As soon as our vending machines get refilled, he is the first one there to buy whatever he wants. He gets first pick. No big deal. But then he uses that first pick during lunch to bargain with other people. “Oh, I took the only pepperoni roll and now there’s nothing in there you like? Looks like you have to go out. If you bring me back some cookies, I’ll give you this pepperoni roll.” I don’t know if anyone has traded with him yet. I won’t. If I have to go out to get some food, I’m just going to go ahead and get whatever I want.

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