#975 When friends you haven’t seen in years turn up the same place as you

Fancy seeing you here!

These meetings are great, because all those high school laughs, university drinking games, sports chants and wedding chicken dinners come flooding back. First you Molly Meldrum, State of originglance at them (they’re just another person in the crowd), then you do a double take. “They look familiar…. No, it couldn’t be, could it?”

“Wow! Oh my gosh! Fancy seeing you here! How long has it been again?”

And then off you go.

We happened to experience this with not one person, but their whole family, on our recent trip to Rotto. Mum hadn’t seen this particular couple since their wedding day 20 years ago, and she’d gone to school with the woman. They had their family of five along with them. We met at the gates, then we were behind them in line to go on the ferry, and we then found out we were staying NEXT DOOR to each other. I know. No way, José. I think bonus points are in order.

I believe this is the universe’s way of telling us to rekindle old friendships. Don’t leave good things behind. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter nowadays, we can still talk to these people even once we’ve moved on, but in the olden days (sorry people over 25) you basically only talked to your closest few. So this is the universe’s way of saying hello, telling you to say hello, and you saying


Group Of Friends Enjoying Beach Holiday In The Sun

                        Photos from here and here.


13 thoughts on “#975 When friends you haven’t seen in years turn up the same place as you

  1. Yet another crazy coinkidink! Just this morning I was walking down a street I never go down on the way to a class after I got lost, and suddenly a girl yells out “Hey Nicholas!” Turns out it was a former classmate I hadn’t seen in years, and we got a chance to meet up and catch up at this random, out-of-the-blue experience. Too funny!

  2. And was just in Perth two months ago, and had a chance to cruise the Swan River with my brother 10 minutes after landing from a 22-hour trip! But we never made it out to Rotto unfortunately. But had a great time in Scarborough, Burswood and central Perth. Good times, great country, awesome experience of a lifetime!

    • Aww shoulda told me! You could have visited me, 2 hours drive south 🙂 I love Perth city- great shops and Hay St. Mall!

        • Oh that sounds fun! A friend of mine has done that, driven from Bunbury to Sydney (the one that doesn’t like bananas). I haven’t seen anything from Albany east (except Sydney and New Zealand)- we flew over most of Australia so I didn’t see it 🙂 I want to go to Melbourne though!!

  3. I used to run into a lot of people at the mall. I work just a block away and spend my lunch hour there almost every day. Now, I don’t see that many people. I ran into a girl that works at the day care my kids go to not too long ago.
    Walmart seems to be the place I find everyone. Old classmates, passed teachers, ex coworkers.
    Oh my gosh, I have to tell you this story. So, at the beginning of the month was time to vote for the people we want to move onto the big election in November. I hardly vote at these, I always wait for the big one, but for some reason I decided to go this time. I still have my old address on my voters card, so I had to go to a voting place close to where I grew up. After I was done, I handed them my paper to run through the machine and while I was waiting, I overheard an older lady who I swear looked and sounded like my grandma, so kept looking at her anyway. I knew she looked familiar, but I thought it was just because she reminded me of grandma…. she was talking to another lady and pointing at a guy that just walked out of the room saying that he used to go to the elementary school where she used to be the princlipal. I asked her what her last name was and she told me. I threw my hands in the air and loudly said, “You were MY principal too!!!” She gave me a good look over and said, “Becky?” I threw my hands in the air again and said, “You remember me!” and then we had some little chit chat, but it was just so awesome. Really awesome since she remembered me.

    • Haha awww your story is so cute!! How long ago was elementary? Amazing that she recognised you after all that growing after you went to highschool 🙂 I love stories like this- that a) you meet again and b) they remember you too!

      • Oh lets see…. I left that school at age 10…so its been 15 years, almost 16. I mean… I basically look the same anyway. I have the same hair style I’ve had since I was 3. Long straight hair and bangs. I tried changing it up once, but that only lasted 6 months before I went back. I have this big scar on my forehead from a car wreck that I like to cover up with my bangs.
        It was so awesome that my old principal remembered me that I had to text my bff and tell her all about it. She thought it was crazy too!

  4. Why, just the other day, I saw a friend from ions ago! We used to commute and work together. Due to sad circumstances, I had to leave town with my, at the time young daughter’s. Since I moved away about every 3 years I’d bump into her in the valley and everytime she has this smile that is so compassionate and genuine; heart-warming and friendly. No matter what’s going on at the time, for the moment I feel as if all is well again and is going to be okay. She shone her smile gift toward me again, just the other day. It resonates like Emmy’s choir voice~ echoing angelically!

    Bekah’s words that permeate love for her children and family. All of your passions for awesome to be seen, exposed and shared in the light of life!

    I’m in town again…closer. I think I’ll look her up and rekindle what I can. We all need awesome people in the flesh as well as in this here perfect world…am I right, eh:)
    *Thank you!!!

      • Hahaha 😀 I’m quite flattered that she likes me this much! I doubt I’ll make it in the big world, but thanks for the vote of confidence!And btw the bangs sound pretty cute 😀 It’s funny how some people change SO much since when they were little, and some change not one bit!

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