#976 The smell of a pool

Take a deep breath in. Do you smell that? It’s summer. Chlorine, water, sunscreen and heat swirling in the air, marching the smell straight up your nose. Memories of tip-toeing off the high dive, having splashing contests, and wrinkled skin comes rushing back to you. Yes, the smell of a pool brings it all back, makes it all real. Here you are again, bathing suit on, sunscreen smeared in and dripping wet. It’s times like these that makes the summer



11 thoughts on “#976 The smell of a pool

  1. Sigh… I guess I’ll wait another six months then… While everyone in the north is having fun in their pools, we are freezing our asses off everyday lately :/ But I’d rather really cold than realy hot weather, unless I was constantly in the pool. My friend actually said on facebook yesterday that she went for a swim and felt so much better. I was like “WHHAAAA???? How did you not die?” haha πŸ˜› Yesterday was apparently the coldest morning in 100 years! I can’t wait to be able to go swimming in Summer again πŸ™‚

      • haha I might πŸ˜› Although I don’t really go to the beach that much in summer and we don’t have a pool so really it would be more likely me rubbing it in your faces that I’m hot and you’re not… But that could work too ;D

      • Oh, well, you can rub summer in my face now because we have just had 160km/hour winds i think in my city, on sunday night, and half the schools in town were closed today because of damage. There’s been power out and trees fallen over and fences and roofs damaged and everything! πŸ˜› So a warm non-windy-and-pouring day would be nice right about now πŸ™‚

  2. I remember taking swimming lessons as a child; the city pool we often went to near my grannie and grampa’s… the sights, sounds, smells and good times, but for me the times with coastal creatures, shovels, buckets, sand castles and true friends for the day…imagining the candy we could buy with our sand dollars… Amazing memories! While in Vancouver, recently, I smelled and felt summer stronger than I had taken note in years! What a feeling. In Stanley Park, memories waved and flooded. You’d think after all the salt water swallowed this wouldn’t be so but I remember craving salt and vinegar chips. Now that I live inland, going to the lake is fun and perhaps even cleaner but this trip really made me miss those times, when the smells of summer hit me strong and the total recall involved all senses and feeling’s… really awesome!

  3. I’m actually not a fan of water. I don’t do pools or anything of the sort, but I love the smell of sunscreen. And everytime I’m near a pool, memories of past summers flood my mind. My daughter loves water as you can clearly see in the picture. My son still has some adjusting to do. I had a pic of him I was going to put on this of him crying in the pool, but I changed my mind.

    • Beautiful pictures, Bekah! Your ability to write and make the memories you do with your children, deserves an Awesome mother award! And some shiney ruby red shoes! I saw some just the other day at Shoe Warehouse and thought, wouldn’t Bekah love these for her upcoming birthday:)

      • I’ve actually given some serious thought into getting myself a pair of ruby slippers. I watched an old (but not too old) episode of Modern Family last night that we had saved up on the DVR. It was the one for Leap Year, it was Cam’s birthday and Mitchell was planning him a Wizard of Oz themed birthday. I told hubby to remember that. Although…I was thinking last year about throwing a Wizard of Oz birthday party for Lilly.

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