#978 Nicknames

You can get nicknames so many ways. Usually it’s just a short version of your name. Michael becomes Mike or Jennifer magically is Jenny, but there are these rare instances when you get a name from something you’ve done- “Comb-over Joe” or “party girl.” We’re all called a lot of things, like “two-left feet guy” or “girl who has a funny laugh”, but it’s what we are known by. It’s how people relate to us.

I’ve been known as a lot of things-my dad called me Gertrude when I was little, my mom calls me “B,” my brothers call me sis or sissy, one of the guys at work call me coffee girl or girl with the really long hair, and “trip-up” from that one time I tripped over my own feet in gym class and yes “flat face” because I fell down some bleachers face first during a football game. I’ve been known as a geek, a freak, a brain, a dork and a couple other words I can’t share on here, but I have always liked my nicknames (some more than others). They reflect who I was at that time in my life or even something stupid I did one time.

When I talk about my co-workers to friends, I have to tell stories using their nicknames because my friends don’t know who they are. There’s “that one girl who dresses inappropriately for her age,” “that guy that looks like Jim” and “really tall guy” and even “my half-boss.” Nicknames are short for your real name, playful words you are called by a loved on or even something you’re called for something you’ve done. Some nicknames may not be as nice as others, but they are who you are and you are all



14 thoughts on “#978 Nicknames

  1. My nicknames include: JJ, JuJu, Joules and Juliaman (my best friend calls me this) It’s so funny when anyone I know gets a new nickname. They often remember a funny time spent together or what one of you said once as a joke or ‘a moment that defined your friendship’ Nicknames are a lot of fun.

  2. when kids tried to tease in elementary, they’d say, “wendy, pensy, dendy…uggggghhhhhh…” with frustrated attempts. I still laugh. When the last name was turned into something nasty, it was hurtful.
    I think long as nick-names are not hurtful, they are awesome! Some of mine are dimples, (mine are huge!). Chipmunk. Smiley face. Flossy flamingo, b/c I usuallly stand on one leg while doing dishes, cooking, baking and other such stuff at a counter; hair, make-up, etc. My fav flower, Daisy. Gypsy girl, cuz of heritage and moved so much and Sunshine. These I can take anytime:)
    Nice post. Really sweet!

  3. I love the few nicknames I’ve had- the boys who teased me in year 7 made up “Sushi” for me and I hated it but it carried over to highschool for about a year, so much so that I answered to it. But it doesn’t exist anymore 🙂 I am also called Russia by only one friend, and I call her Sica (Jessica–> Jessissica–> Sica). My other friend and I call each other Viv because of a running commentary we made about an old important lady called Vivianne at a choir concert 😛 And my friends all have nicknames from Sica, eg. Emeline is Funny Laugh Lady 1, Suzy is Sigar or Zig-Zig-ahh (for no reason), Morgan is Mogen, Reilly is Rolly, Hannah is Knock-Knock, Lauren is “Oster Schleider’s Disease in the Knees” for obvious reasons, etc. etc. etc. 😛 I love nicknames that have no origin- someone just decides to call you that and it sticks 😀 And of course there’s the general “Hey babe”s and “Z-dawg” and things like that 🙂 But I like personal random ones 🙂

    • Your voice would have my nick-name for you to be, Snow White Nightingale, or Meadowlark. Sorry, I couldn’t think of anything random.
      btw, we should work on THE delivery.
      My grand-baby, Sienna, who is 6 now, has piped up with a voice of an angel and I’d like very much to share your cd with her:) This post also inspires me to give her a singer’s nick-name!

      • Haha really? How cheesey 😛 But it’s cute- thank you. And yes! I’ll send you an email. Unless one of those two unread emails I have in my inbox is from you- then I’ll just reply 🙂

        • oh ya! well, did you ever think maybe it’s mushy, stinky head cheesey to add a little gusto, fun and flavour…eh!

          • Haha yes, nothing like a little “fluffy marshmallow kitten” or “sparkly cupcake mouse” to make someone’s day!

  4. My nickname is, well it’s Becca. It’s short for Rebecca. But one of my friends gave me the nickname Rebel. I am not a rebelious stereotype, some might call me a goody-two-shoes stereotype, but I am honest, I voice my opinion, and won’t back down from my beliefs, so maybe that’s why he calls me Rebel, or maybe it’s meant to be ironic. Either way, nicknames are usally awesome.

  5. Haha, when I was in college my mates called me Quasar, because things that went missing mysteriously materialized near where I was. Other than that, just Nick.

    It’s true, nicknames are great.

  6. I call my kids lots of things. My daughter is “silly Lilly”, “sissy”, ‘crazy girl”, “stinky feet”, “slowest girl in the world”, “homerun Lilly” and “bird” Bird because when she was a baby, she would open her mouth like a bird when I went to feed her.
    My son is, “my little man”, “bubby”, “Handsome man” and “stinky”

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