#981 Cardboard boxes

A cardboard box could be just a box, but with a little thinking, it can be anything. It all depends on the size of the box and the size of your imagination.

A refrigerator box- This is the mother of all boxes. Cut a few holes here and there and you have a house or draw some buttons and levers on the inside and now you’re in a spaceship.

 An old tv box- Not one of those flat screen tv’s, this box had to be a bit square to be a racecar or a boat. Draw on some tires on the outside and a steering wheel on the inside and you’re a NASCAR driver.

A table box- Crawl in on your belly and you’re deep inside a cave.

A shoe box- Not as much fun, but can be used to glue things into to make some kind of scene. Find a couple of toy dinosaurs and you’ve got yourself a scene from Jurassic Park. Or put one on each foot and you’ve got yourself…some shoe boxes. Stack some up together to make a fort or a castle.

Even a cereal box could be a mask. Just cut out some eye holes and slip it over your head.

Big boxes, little boxes, square boxes, toy boxes-they are all fun boxes and they are all



18 thoughts on “#981 Cardboard boxes

    • How about a little sliding match box inside a bigger sliding match box and then score a sliding shoe box with handles on each side…it’s divine!! I seem to recall, Especially for “The little Borrowers”, to set up home:)

  1. Boxes really are awesome. Besides their great assistance with organization =) they’re great for creativity and imagination. I’m much more in favor of giving children a box that allows them opportunity to get creative than all the gadgets and fancy toys today. A lot of kids prefer the boxes the toys come in anyway =p.

    By the way, I’m pretty sure my brother made a Jurassic Park scene in a shoebox for school back in the day.

  2. My kids love boxes. My son is happy to just sit in one.
    I remember this one big box at my grandma’s house when I was little. My older brothers and I played in that thing until it fell apart. I believe it was a refridgerator box.
    Just the other day I was at the in-laws and they had just gotten a new lawn mower. They put my son in the box and he played…. then I got in the box with him. Oh, you should have seen the look on my mother-in-law’s face! It was like she thought I didn’t belong in the box. There will always be room in a box for one more.

    • I absolutely adore how you included the photos of your darling children enjoying boxes! What a full life you’re gifting them, Bekah…it’s a dream! So much fun!
      One of the only photos I’ve ever seen of myself as toddler, is one in a vinegar box. Apparently, older sisters were pushing me around like I was in a race car, while adults were canning!
      Having moved 66+ times in my life, I’ll box to all of this! I especially like strong boxes with colourful/nice designs and built in handles! My son in law, daughter and grand-son recently moved. They found some apple boxes covered in family photos of the people who have had this orchard in the Okanagan for centuries…and I was seriously oggling the perfection of their boxes! Asking all pertinent questions: Where-ever did you get your boxes? Did you have to pay for them? WOW! I can’t believe they just gave them to you! Look at these pictures. The history! They are outstanding! I looked up to see a peculiar look on my son-in-laws face…it’s the one that says, “God help me…” I knew then, I have a problem with boxes! (standing at podium)~ Hello. I am Wendy, and I am addicted to boxes!* So after this last move, (April 23rd., It was difficult, but I actually let go of most of my boxes! Except for the one I found with Smiley Happy Face handles because that one is just far too Awesome! Am I right, Bekah:)

      • OMG, Wendy, you crack me up!! Being addicted to boxes isn’t such a bad thing. hahaha…. Its funny how entertaining and amusing a thing like a box can be.
        I do love boxes with built in handles too. It makes things so much easier. When it comes to moving, I’m not picky about what’s on them. I have all kinds of boxes in my storage building from when I moved out of my place into hubby’s place. I have egg boxes, beer boxes, Fedex boxes, diaper boxes, Avon boxes….they serve their purpose.
        Oh, you have to keep that box, Wendy. Its just too awesome to let go!

        • Keeping a storage room full of boxes? Are you preparing for another move or do you have an addiction too? hahaha! We sure have a lot in common! YES, I will most certainly be keeping that smiley box around! It came as a super nice surprise! I did send you a picture of it for your blog didn’t I?

          • Yes, I’ve already used that picture too! Its one of my favorites.
            I have a storage building full of full boxes from when I moved out of my place and into hubby’s a few years back. All my stuff are still in there. There’s no room for any of it now. I do however have a huge stack of boxes here at work in our supply room. I am keeping them for when I do get to move. I’m bringing Zach in to work with me tomorrow and we are going to play with all my boxes.

  3. Reminds me of this song I analysed the lyrics for in year 9… But of course the song is about a much different concept than just playing as kids 😛

    And also, I thought in relation to Becca up there ^^^ I heard you like boxing, so I put a box in your box so you can box while you box. Hahaha I don’t know, it’s just that internet meme thing 😀
    My brother and I used to play in boxes and draw on them to make a house and that, but we made cubbie houses more often, and threaded spools of wool through table legs and chairs and around couches to make a big web of wool that Mum would have to clean up after haha 😀 Ahhh, good times!

    • Re song: Analysis…”Do not get boxed into any category in society and do not let anyone ever box you in! Follow your essential dreams”…from one earthy Grade 6 art and life skills teacher, Dolly Hopkins.

  4. I have to say, my personal favourite way to use the cardboard box was as a counter for my shop, complete with cookies and objects around the house, to sell back to my parents.

  5. My daughter is absolutely thrilled with a big box in our master bedroom. She crawls inside with a doll and then closes it up and lies really quiet, waiting to pop out and surprise up with her squeals! A world of fun, thanks for posting this Awesome thing!

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