#983 Riddles

Have you ever been with a group of friends or family and someone randomly asks a riddle and you spend ages together with everyone else trying to figure it out? Isn’t it a great feeling when you finally manage to work out “What becomes wetter the more it dries?” or “What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?”

You all sit around laughing at the possible suggestions made and celebrate and laugh some more when you work out what it is. Then someone else will think of a new riddle and the ridiculous answers start all over again. The fun is in guessing and the mystery behind something which, when you figure it out, seems so obvious.

Riddles bring us together, riddles make us laugh, riddles are


Photo from here.

Here are some for you to try to figure out below:

What goes up but never comes down?

Which one of the words in this sentence is misspelled?

Which five letter word becomes shorter when two letters are added to it?

Where is the only place today comes before yesterday?

What has holes all around, but can still hold water?


15 thoughts on “#983 Riddles

  1. Oh, I LOVE riddles! Let’s see…

    1.An umbrella?
    2. The last one, “misspelled”
    4. The dictionary!
    5. Er…. I’m not sure actually…. hmmm…. Wow, I don’t know! Maybe I’ll comment later if I figure it out….

  2. Here’s another riddle:
    A guy walks into a store.
    Guy: How much will one cost?
    Store Owner: Three dollars.
    Guy: How much will twelve cost?
    Store Owner: Six dollars.
    Guy: Well, how much will two hundred cost?
    Store Owner: That will cost you nine dollars.
    What was the Store Owner selling?

          • just one more of the reasons I hang out here…you’re all so smart and of course SO VERY AWESOME!
            I gots to be gone for 2 weeks and you all better still be here doing the thing when I return!!! Take care and in the words of our original founder, Sir Neil Pasricha, “Stay Awesome!”
            Oh and if you haven’t seen the Tom Hanks movie, “Extremely loud and incredibly close”, WOW! WOW! WOW! His character reminds me of how Mr. Pasricha senior is:) It’s a must see + new glue movie!
            Ta ta for now xoz

  3. I love riddles too! There was a really good one my friends told me, but I can’t remember… hmmm…. haha anyway, we all the the one ‘what runs round a house but doesn’t move?’ and ‘what has hands and a face but isn’t a person’. I also like jokes. Although my mum’s partner asked us the other day, “have you heard that joke why did the chicken cross the road?” I couldn’t speak.

    • Where are the answers to this post? AND your comments/riddles.I don’t know them…must be Australian or something…

      • Hope you know I’m kidding bout the Australian part…but seriously, I am so terrible at riddles, I only got the sponge one, but Becca beat me to comment:) Is there a way to turn the page upside down for answers!
        Here’s the *one* I have:
        What do you call a blonde skeleton in a closet?

        Hide-And-Go-Seek. circa 1900

        • Umm….. i dont get the blode joke haha 😛 And hmm, maybe you are just bad at riddles- pretty sure the ones i mentioned are really common! But ill tell you anyway 🙂 1: A fence, 2: A clock 😛

          • The answer is that the blonde is the hide and seek champion because he/she has been hiding in the closet so long, that he/she turned into a skeleton.

            • Gee Emmy, you think I’m BAD!;) OK. Come to think of it, maybe the blonde jokes circled the globe before you were born!
              See, the blonde didn’t even think to leave the closet and see that all her friends she’d been playing hide and seek with had long since gone home and forgotten all about her! I suppose it’s really rather sad, not funny at all. She could’ve at very least fed and watered herself occasionally;)

              *Check, check, check, ding-ding-ding! And the prize goes to Becca for this entire post!!! Thanks Becca:)

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