#984 Sandwiches

Ah, the humble sandwich. Or is it so humble?

Yes, despite the deceptive simplicity of your average sandwich, this is no ordinary lunch. This is the lunch of champions. Why? Well, please consider the following:

– Quick and easy. Late for an important meeting? Have to give a speech? Maybe you’re headed to get the kids from school, or on your way to school yourself. Whatever the reason, you have no time to waste, but absolutely have to eat first. Well, have no fear! The sandwich is here! Yes, just grab whatever leftovers you have lying around, put them between to slices of bread, and voila! Instant meal, and, for a simple sandwich, no real cooking skills are even necessary! Just grab that sandwich on your way out the door, and you’re good to go. Which brings us to our next point…

– Portable. Yes, the sandwich is not only easy and delicious, but portable. Eat it while waiting for the bus, walking, even building, studying or painting the house! Yes, sandwiches are the true food for multitaskers everywhere. Any meal, any time.

Want something interesting and delicious for breakfast? Need a good lunch? Dinnertime, or even dessert? A sandwich can be any of these. Observe:

Breakfast: Throw some scrambled eggs between two pieces of toast. Maybe add bacon, sausage, fried veggies, anything you like! And let us not forget the old favorite: nutella and toast sandwich, of course!

Lunch: Maybe you’ll stick to the classics, like peanut butter or tuna. But why stop there? Had meatloaf or chicken for dinner last night? Get some bread and you’re good to go!

Dinner: Like lunch, this can literally be anything. Club sandwiches? Triple-deckers? Quadruple-deckers? More? Or your plain old, yet still delicious, BLT? The sky’s the limit!

Dessert: Ice-cream sandwich. Don’t feel limited to vanilla, either – What about Pistachio on sugar cookies? Chocolate on double-chocolate cookies? Go for it!

Infinite varieties: Literally, you can put anything on a sandwich. So slap some potato chips on there, bring out the leftovers, add sauces of all kinds! Haggis sandwich? Peanut-butter and pickle? Bacon or French fries? Or both? Marshmallows? Use your imagination, and make a sandwich that’s perfect for you.

Don’t feel limited to bread either – even if our friends at Wikipedia define a sandwich as “a food item, typically consisting of two or more slices of bread with one or more fillings between them.”

Between two pices of lettuce? Open-faced? On a roll? Perfect! As you can see, sandwiches are truly the perfect food.

So cut them into triangles, take the crusts off, add those pickles or chinese take-out! Completely customizeable, and so handy!

Yes, I think we can agree that sandwiches, whatever you choose to make them with, are truly…


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I am just one of the many who have been inspired by Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things to be better, to see the world as a better place, and to keep the awesome movement alive, as I think it makes the world a better place! We all have enough negative to hear about, what we need is a positive space, positive outlook on life. And I hope this blog will give us the chance to do it!

9 thoughts on “#984 Sandwiches

  1. Yay, you got my post! Looks like you just got the one I used the ‘submit’ page for… All my photos got deleted, and the formatting’s different *sigh* Oh well xD

  2. I LOVE SANDWICHES!!!!!! I think I might just be addicted to bread or something. My favorites are the classic PB & J and turkey with mayo, lettuce and tomato.
    I also make sandwiches out of just about anything I can think of. Pickle sandwich, chip sandwich, mashed potato and corn sandwich, rice sandwich, spaghetti sandwich…. you name it, I will probably eat it in sandwich form.

  3. haha Bekah 😀 i neveer really thought of sandwiches as the perfect food- they are pretty handy aren’t they! I don’t really like ‘filling’ sandwiches- sandwiches with proper fillings, like chicken/salad/meats- ever since I had braces and didnt want to get bread stuck in them. But leftovers sandwiches do sound good- must try that tomorrow or sunday when im having lunch! And we also sometimes have Subway for tea- yummiest sandwiches EVER! I always have mine on a foot long italian herbs and cheese, with grilled chicken and cheddar and lettuce and tomato and carrot and pickles and cucumber 🙂 And of course, chipotle southwest dressing. yum yum!

      • Thats a good idea 🙂 I havent had braces since october so i dont have to worry anymore, but i still love raisin toast with banana on top for breakfast 🙂

  4. This is a sweet song my mama-Mug’s taught my kids and is a fav to me in more ways than one:

    I’m certain a wee bit of turkey with equal bits of stuffing, a perfect ratio of blended mayo and mustard plus cranberries is my favourite sandwich and I sure loved this Friend’s episode and can relate to the straw that broke the camel’s back!
    Remember when someone is crying over spilled milk to have a closer look…they just might need a hug!

    And here’s a blast from my past…makesyou want to dance:

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