#985 Playing on the Playground as an Adult

We all remember and love the old, dangerous playground equipment, right?

These days everything is plastic and protected with rubber. Where’s the fun in that? Kids these days don’t care, they don’t know anything different. You shrug your shoulders at them, watching them play.

Suddenly you get a spark, a nudge from your brain to go jump on the swings. Higher and higher you go until you decide you want to slide. Race the kids down the slide and around the balancing beam. You feel like a kid again. You’re running, sun beaming down on your face, hair flying in the wind and standing on its ends because of the static from the plastic slides. You find yourself giggling like a kid, running like a kid….feeling like a kid.

We’re all kids on the inside. Sometimes we just need reminded that its ok to let go and have some fun. That’s why playing on the playground as an adult is



Photo from here.


22 thoughts on “#985 Playing on the Playground as an Adult

    • it does look pretty awesome!
      but I’ve never seen this ride before! – whats stopping you from sliding down onto the pole into the middle?

      • Yeeeeeeew! Hey – so for this blog, is it just going to revolve around 1000 awesome things? Or are there going to be new awesome things that continue or..? Just wondering. I don’t mind either way!

        • Hey Lizzie, yeah, the idea is to post new Awesome things not yet posted before! We all have so many experiences and happy thoughts to share, so that’s what it’s all about, keeping the Journey of Awesome going and growing! Providing a space for those who have enjoyed the ride to keep hanging out and making the world a teeny, tiny bit better in our own little way! Thanks for being part of it all 😀

            • Lizzie, that would be great! We’d love to have you on board 🙂

              Do you want to contribute? If you look at the About page, there’s a few open days left where you can sign up in the Comments. Nothing major, just once a month 😉

              Then of course we love having you on the Comments too!

              • Sure I’d love to contribute! 🙂 Put me in whatever number you wish and just let me know what month you would like me to contribute to.

                • Yay, I put you for the 30th, and just sent you a note to become a contributor, let me know if you don’t get it. Feel free to contribute more than monthly if you want, would always love to hear your Awesome things 🙂

                • Contributed. I have also sent you an email with a photo to go with it – I couldn’t see any option that would allow me to upload a photo lol.

                • Haha hopefully.

                  Let me know if you need more. I’m happy to fill in if people can’t meet a deadline or can’t post for whatever reason 🙂

                • Yes, we definitely have some slots open, so feel free to draft a few posts whenever you have a chance, just like you did.
                  Apparently you can copy photos from the Internet and paste them into the draft message and click on them to determine where you want to position them.
                  But if that doesn’t work, you can always paste links to the photos at the bottom of the post and I’ll add the photos for you.

  1. I do this! Even though I’m not technically an adult, I’m still ‘too old’ for playgrounds 🙂 Also, I skip a lot of places 😀 My friends laugh at me hahahaha 😀 I think it’s fun.

  2. Now, this may come as a surprise to most of you but I LOVE to do this too!!! The older I get, the freer I feel! I think it’s the best way to be…life is too short fo such inhibitions and reserve…that’s what I always say!!!
    I use to live near one of the rides like in the pic only man-made and the seats also see-sawed… so the faster we spun round and round, the faster we see-sawed and wilder the ride!!!

  3. I’ve never stopped playing on playgrounds. I love going down the slides that make my hair all static-y. I like to run around with my kids, race them down the slides, help them across the monkey bars or down the fire pole. I hope I can still run around like this with my grandkids.

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