#986 Revolving doors

These are no ordinary doors. No. Revolving doors are FUN, a spinning journey from confinement to freedom. One second you’re stuck between glass and a wall, and a second later you’re on the other side. Every time I’m about to go through a revolving door I find myself smiling because they are just so


Photo from here.


13 thoughts on “#986 Revolving doors

  1. There are only 2 buildings that I can think of here in town that have revovling doors. One is a bank that I don’t bank at and the other is a lawyers office. I wonder if they would care if I just come to visit…… and then leave as soon as I get there just so I can use the door.

    • Sounds like a plan!! The only buildings I;ve been to that I can think of having a revolving door are the Museum in our capital city (haven’t been in ages) and the hotel our choir stayed at in Rotorua (don’t live in NZ). So ya. My city doesn’t even have a single escalator, so there’s NO fun in our city.

      • oh ya…and on route to the Marine Building’s, “*2 SETS*” of revolving doors, here’s a look at the ride on one of the longest escalators we were dizzy on from the ride down…not that I’d ever be the sort to rub this fun stuff in, in *my* home town, Emmy:)

          • maybe one day Chapters on Robson will have another Neil Pasricha party, you can all come and we’ll play in the Marine building doors and ride on the escalator at Granville…ride the sky trains and sea bus to the markets for a vanilla late and then walk throughg the tree canopy’sat Stanley park…go up the mountains on a gondola and play on the swinging bridges at Seymour and Grouse mountains… and and and and ….would love to share the good and fun times with awesomers:)

            • 😮 pleaaaase no!! Dont make me long for Toronto!! Haha maybe Neil will do a world tour (PLEASE??? ARE YOU READING NEIL???) and he’ll conme to Australia and Perth and I could come up on the train and meet him! And we’d have choc chill on tap and have a dance off like the last one apparently had 😛

  2. Just got back from an out-of-town trip yesterday, so when it comes to airports, revolving doors all around! I love the big ones they have now, that turn really slowly but can fit at least 8 people inside.
    I’ve always had a type of phobia that I might somehow mistime my entry into the door and someone from the other side would accidentally pin me between the door and the frame. Haha, maybe that’s just me though… :s

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