#987 Fried Anything

I recently had fried pickles for the first time and they were rather tasty.  Since the first tempura of the 16th century, frying has spread around the world to all kinds of food:

  • Fish and Chips – One of the more well-known fried foods, it is popular in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Scotland and many other countries.  Whether its cod, haddock, pollock, tilapia, catfish, or salmon.  Maybe you cover your fish and chips with salt and vinegar or lemon or even gravy.  Whether you pick it up to go at a ‘chip van’ or sit down and eat it at a fancy restaurant.

  • Funnel Cake – Whether it’s a carnival and you’re about to ride the roller coaster with all the loop-de-loops or you’re at a sporting event cheering for your favorite team.  Just pile this baby high with powdered sugar, fresh fruit, Nutella, or even eat it plain!
  • Pickles – I recently encountered fried pickles for the first time, and let me just say, the tanginess of the pickle worked really well fried.  If you ever get the opportunity, I would definitely recommend trying them.
  • Squid – Fried squid, or calamari, is served in many seafood and Mediterranean restaurants in North America.  In South Africa and Australia you’re likely to find it being served in fish and chip shops…so have some of both!


Photos from here, here and here.


10 thoughts on “#987 Fried Anything

  1. My friend got a pickle on a stick at a fair once, and he went up to the funnel cake stand and asked “Would you deep fry this for me?” I couldn’t believe he asked! They said no (The people at the stand didn’t want pickle juice in the funnel cakes) But I did buy a funnel cake. One of the best things ever. Also, deep fried chocolate bars! My friends and I made them once. They were awesome! (After the first one, which was a mess.) What I’ve got to try next is the cheese cake and oreos. I will find these, no matter what!

  2. I would have to disagree… well, not disagree, but just say that I I ‘anything grilled’ better. I have tried fried icecream and it was pretty good, and fish and chips and one of my favourite takeaway foods (although, catfish?? Aren’t they poisonous? I thought snapper was the most common fish at fish and chip shops). I must say, with the last option…. fried coke? ……. How on earth do you do that?
    I LOOOOOVE grilled calamari and chips- our Aristos restaurant here in town does the bestttt :O”” I’ll have to try funnel cake too. What is it exactly?

    • You gotta admit, grilled might be healthy and everything, but there’s no way it makes your mouth water like fried!
      At the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto every year, they have any variety of deep-fried delicacies for sale, and the rave for the past years has been deep-fried butter, absolutely delicious! Explosion for your tastebuds, even though you can feel your arteries clogging with every mouth-watering bite. Needless to say, you won’t find the nutritional value posted anywhere for that!
      When it comes to deep-frying liquids like coke or butter, it’s just a deep-fried ball with the yummyness locked inside, pretty amazing.

      • Hmmm…. sorry, I’m just not seeing it :/ I guess I have yet to taste the wonders of deep-fried butter (oh god…) and deep fried coke (I still dont see how that would work- wouldn’t it just mix with the oil when you poured it in?)

        • I haven’t tried deep-fried soda but I’ve seen it. They use a regular batter with flour, eggs, etc. but for the liquid portion they use the soda.

          • Ahhhhh yes thanks for the enlightenment! That was really confusing me. I forgot they put batter on most things.

  3. Fried pickles=pure deliciousness! Love to dip mine in ranch dressing…yum! Looking forward to getting out of the house soon to visit a restaurant for some fried pickles!

    • I have never had a fried pickle, but I do love pickles. I think its time to try one. And with ranch dressing!!!!! I will put ranch dressing on anything.

  4. Fried Cadbrury eggs?? Is that where the link goes for eggs? Holy crap!
    I love me some funnel cake. There use to be a funnel cake stand that would set up shop in the parking lot of our auto parts store. I think the guy who ran the stand was the son of the guy to managed the parts store or something. I can’t tell you how many times I stopped for some funnel cake. It was right there! So close to home and I passed it almost every day. You can’t pass a funnel cake stand and not stop to get some. There’s a law about that or something.

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